‘Hwang’s sexual relationship video’ Another victim police investigation…There could be more victims

Another victim of the leak of sex videos of Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City), a national soccer player in South Korea, has reportedly been investigated by police.

According to a report by YTN on the 24th, the police recently investigated another victim. The police reportedly secured the identity of another victim in the distributed video and called to confirm it.

The police are also considering the possibility of increasing the number of victims. Currently, the police confiscated Hwang Ui-jo’s mobile phone and are conducting digital forensics. Depending on the results of the investigation, additional victims are expected.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun-ui, the victim’s legal representative, said in a press conference on the 23rd that there were additional victims. Lawyer Lee said, “Another victim related to the video expressed his intention to call at Hwang Ui-jo’s request.” 토토사이트

“There was a call asking for counseling, saying, ‘I’m a victim, but I want to consult,’ and I made an appointment.” On the 21st, (Hwang Eui-jo’s) statement came out and suddenly canceled it, he said. “We need to think about whether the reports of secondary assault are blocking the victims’ mouths.”

It is not known whether the victim identified by YTN and the victim identified by lawyer Lee are the same person.

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