“I really wanted to win,” Song Ga-eun said in a winning interview

Song Ga-eun won the wire-to-wire title with a total of 18-under 198 in the third round of the “Daebo Housdy Open” at Seowon Valley CC in Paju, Gyeonggi Province on the 10th. Song Ga-eun broke the jinx of her second year with two wins in her career in nine games since winning the Hana Financial Group Championship 스포츠토토킹 .

Champion Song Ga-eun, who was preparing for the award ceremony, was preparing to win. Song Ga-in took a step next to his seniors, and Park Min-ji, who won 13 games in total, Lim Hee-jung, who won 5 games in total, and Park Ji-young, who won 4 games in total, were next to him.

They asked for some help because they were seniors who expressed their feelings about winning more than anyone else. It was a pre-prepared feeling of winning, but it was necessary to check whether there were any deficiencies or missing parts. Park Min-ji gave Song Ga-eun honest advice, saying, “Say what you want to say except for this part.” Song Ga-eun, who was listening quietly, nodded and smiled.

“I really wanted to win,” Song Ga-eun said in a winning interview. Talking to (An) Seonju’s sister helped me a lot. When I was nervous, I had to do it as if I was chasing him. “I think today’s victory gave me an opportunity to grow one step further,” he said.

He then smiled, saying in his diary, “I was nervous and tired, but I did well.” Song Ga-eun, who won her first victory of the season, will try to win the “Ever Collagen Queens Crown 2022” in Lake Wood from the 14th.

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