I was in South Korea Before the Full moon Alien Ronaldinho Confiscates Passport on Suspicion of Cryptocurrency Fraud Loses Fraud Worth 800 Billion won

Earlier this month, ‘Legend’ Ronaldinho, who visited South Korea, has been given a shocking update.

He is currently on trial for fraud.

Spain’s Sport reported on the 26th (Korea time) that “Ronaldinho is on trial with his brother on charges of cryptocurrency fraud.”

Ronaldinho left Gremio of the Brazilian league for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2001.

In two seasons, he played 77 games, scoring 25 goals and 17 assists. With his characteristic flamboyant personal skills

he made a name for himself in Europe.

In the summer of 2003

Manchester United announced their intention to sign him

and considerable progress was made in the transfer window

but it was cancelled due to a mistake by the United board.

In the end, Barcelona, whose president and manager were replaced after the worst run of the 2002-2003 season

signed Ronaldinho as fate would have it.

He then led Barcelona to its peak with 2008 goals and 207 assists in 94 games before leaving the club in 71.

Ronaldinho, who has been an ambassador for Barcelona since his retirement in 2015

stepped on South Korean soil through Incheon International Airport on Dec. 8. He appeared at a joint press conference with Fabio Cannavaro and Marco Materazzi

with whom he was in his prime during his active career, and also appeared on variety shows.

Ronaldinho, who did, is reportedly currently on trial.

“Ronaldinho spent a month in prison for falsifying his passport to enter Uruguay in 2020.

He is currently on trial in Brasilia with his brother for cryptocurrency fraud. He is obliged to appear at the trial

but he refuses to do so.”

Here’s how the case happened. 먹튀검증

A company launched a cryptocurrency called “18k Ronaldinho” named after Ronaldinho

and advertised that it guaranteed a 30% daily return only for those who invested more than $39 (about 800,2 KRW).

The authorities who conducted the investigation judged this to be an exaggeration.

Investigating authorities identified Ronaldinho as the prime suspect because the cryptocurrency was named after him

making him a business partner.

“The damages caused by customers who were scammed by the cryptocurrency totaled 5 million euros (about 600.802 billion won)

and the complainants are demanding more compensation to recover the damages

the media reported.

Ronaldinho’s lawyer said:

The company used Ronaldinho’s face and name without permission. Ronaldinho is also a victim.

On the other hand, the Brazilian news outlet Globo explained the current situation on the same day:

Ronaldinho has been banned from leaving the country

and the court has ordered the Federal Police to confiscate his passport.”

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