“In line with the name tag of Korea’s best pitcher’s nephew,” Park Chan-ho, a Korean-class nephew’s pledge, also cheers

Kiwoom Heroes, led by head coach Hong Won-ki, had as many as 14 rookie players in the 2023 KBO rookie draft held on the 14th. During the previous trade, he traded rookie draft picks. He was able to exercise the nomination rights of the LG Twins in the first round, the KIA Tigers in the second round, and the Samsung Lions in the third round.

It had 8th place Seoul High School pitcher Jeon Joon-pyo and 9th place Jangchung High School pitcher Kim Yoon-ha, 6th place Seongnam High School infielder Lee Jae-sang in 2nd round, 9th place Jeon Ju High School pitcher Son Hyun-ki, 4th place Bibong High School pitcher Lee Woo-hyun in 3rd round, and 9th place Se commercial pitcher Kim Yeon-joo.

In addition, Sungkyunkwan University infielder Ko Young-woo, Dongwon University of Science and Technology pitcher Kim Joo-hoon, Gwangju Jeil High School infielder Song Jin-hyung, Yulgok High School catcher Kim Ji-sung, Chungam High School outfielder Park Chae-wool, Daejeon High School pitcher Park Bum-joon, 10th round Gunsan Sangil High School, and 11th round infielder Shim Hwi-woon were nominated. 먹튀검증

The most noticeable player is Kim Yoon-ha. He is famous as the nephew of “Korean Express” Park Chan-ho. He is 188 centimeters tall and weighs 90 kilograms and has excellent pitching power as a fastball pitcher. The use of breaking balls such as splitters and sliders is not bad, and the ratio of ball sambi is especially good. In 13 games this year, he recorded 3 wins, 1 loss, and 39.1 innings with a 2.7551 strikeout and 16 outs.

Kim Yoon-ha said, “I was very worried about whether I could be selected in the first round, but thank you for the nomination from Kiwoom. “I am most grateful to my parents for leading me this far,” he said.

“I think I was able to come this far because the coach and coach who have coached me so far have strengthened me from the basics. Thank you very much. “I will always be a player who works harder to meet the expectations of the fans,” he vowed.

He didn’t get a call from Park Chan-ho before the draft started. He showed his willingness to do his best as a baseball player Kim Yoon-ha, not as Park Chan-ho’s nephew.

Kim Yoon-ha said, “I didn’t get a separate call before the start of the draft. Since my uncle was so busy, I didn’t see him often, but he used to give me good advice whenever I had a chance, he said. “I try to act more carefully and work harder to match the name tag of the best pitcher in Korea.”
Park Chan-ho also sincerely congratulated his nephew Kim Yoon-ha on his nomination. In addition, best friend manager Hong Won-ki is taking the helm of Kiwoom. In other words, the relationship has been added to the relationship.

Park Chan-ho said on his personal SNS, “Congratulations. My nephew Kim Yoonha. I don’t think it’s been long since I started playing baseball, but the one who’s already covered is becoming a professional baseball player. Your mother followed you around so enthusiastically and made it right. Mother’s power,” she congratulated.

“There is also a burden of clarity in the meaning of the first designation of a professional team. Kiwoom has a great manager, so I think he will grow into a better player, a son raised by his mother. I hope that the process of growth will always be accompanied by examples, efforts, toughness, responsibility, passion, and constant challenges. Kim Younha, fighting! But everyone, in a few years, there will be a bigger player. Please look forward to it. “He’s someone’s brother,” he said with expectation.

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