“Is this real? Captain Son Heung-min + Hwang Hee-chan’s potential to work together in ‘Tottenham'”…Tottenham scouts look to Hwang Hee-chan, “We are pushing for recruitment this summer.”

Captain Son Heung-min and striker Hwang Hee-chan are familiar with each other in the Korean national team. However, the possibility of seeing this scene in Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL) was raised. It is a combination of Tottenham captain Son Heung-min and Tottenham striker Hwang Hee-chan. England’s Football Insider reported this exclusively on the 1st (Korea Standard Time). The media outlet said, “Tottenham’s scooter has his eyes on Wolverhampton’s flagship Hwang Hee-chan. Tottenham is keeping an eye on Hwang Hee-chan. The Tottenham scooter is evaluating Hwang Hee-chan and has decided that it is unlikely in the January winter transfer window. The move is being taken with the move in mind. Tottenham is aiming for aggressive resources and is also planning its business side.”

“Hwang Hee-chan has performed amazingly at Wolverhampton this season and has won the hearts of scouts,” the media outlet continued. The Korean national team, which will participate in this month’s Asian Cup, can also play left, right and center, and has impressed many players. Hwang showed off bold, fast and powerful plays, showing off outstanding performances. Hwang Hee-chan has become the centerpiece under Gary O’Neill.” “Hwang Hee-chan has scored 11 goals and three assists in all 21 matches this season. Wolverhampton renewed his contract with Hwang Hee-chan until 2028 last month. He gave Hwang a huge new contract, which he chose to repay his development.” 사설 토토사이트

Meanwhile, the media reported that Liverpool is also interested in recruiting Hwang Hee-chan for the same reason as Tottenham. Liverpool is also said to have scouts keeping an eye on Hwang Hee-chan, and to push for a transfer to Hwang Hee-chan this summer. Hwang Hee-chan has been known as the Liverpool killer. The scene where he scored a goal past Liverpool’s leading defender Virgil van Dijk is considered one of Hwang Hee-chan’s life goals. Hwang Hee-chan’s “best days” have been held. Amid the amazing performances this season, rumors of a transfer of big clubs are pouring in.

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