Italian Online Gambling Development

All experts shared their thoughts on the development of the online gambling market in Italy. And there is no doubt that the pandemic has pushed this process to the best. Alessandro Graziosi, the BU Digital Director at SNAITECH S.p.A, said that the income of July showed the hoping results. Obviously, the main reason for this was the UEFA Euro 2020. But he is sure that it’s too early to relax because there will be even more challenges.

The proof of the growth of the overall market of legal games is data for 2019 and 2020. The incidence of online betting was 38% in 2019 and 58% in 2020. The expense value of betting in 2019 was 2 billion euros, and in 2020, it went down to 1.9 billion euros. Betting customers in Italy moved from retail to online without any problems. 파칭코사이트인포

However, Marco Tiso, Online Managing Director at Sisal, noticed that all spending on gambling in Italy during the pandemic went down by almost 7 billion euros. According to the expert, this customers’ moving from retail to online made the illegal market much stronger. The experts have noticed that the importance of the regulation of the online gambling market and communication with the audience will help operators to adapt faster.

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