It’s not a square. A red card with “Round” appears…The card Chan’s friend received is

A rare round red card appeared. There was a reason why it was different in shape from an ordinary card. British media outlet Sports Bible reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time) that referee Tony Harrington took out a “circle red card” in the FA Cup match between Brentford and Wolverhampton. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Wolverhampton drew 1-1 with Brentford in the round of 64 at the 2023-24 FA Cup held at G-Tech Community Stadium in Brentford, England at 4:15 a.m. on Tuesday (Korea time). The two teams will hold a re-match for their advance to the round of 32.

Nine minutes into the game, Wolverhampton had a variable. Hwang Hee-chan’s colleague João Gómez, a Wolverhampton midfielder, stepped on his ankle in the process of taking Brentford’s Christian Nurgor’s ball. The referee pulled out a red card straight at Gómez.

The red card that the referee took out at the time has become a hot topic of conversation. It was round, not a normal rectangular shape. Some fans expressed their curiosity, saying, “Why is the red card round?” Many also said, “I’ve never seen a round red card before.”

“According to a referee forum, circular and oval cards were originally introduced to help players who could not distinguish colors,” Sports Bible said. “We are trying to help judges who want to pick a fast card by shape.”

There were two reasons. The first reason was to let them know that it was ‘exit’ by using different-shaped cards for players who had difficulty distinguishing colors. Also, referees sometimes pull out cards in colors that are different from their intentions in hectic conditions. It was to prevent such mistakes from occurring.

This is not the first time a card with a shape other than a square has been used. There were occasional cards with different shapes depending on the referee. “Last season, referee Dean Whitestone presented this rare card at an FA Cup match between Wrexham and Sheffield United,” Sports Bible pointed out. Meanwhile, Wolverhampton, who fought with “10” players from the beginning of the match, lost the first point to Brentford in the first half, but Tommy Doyle scored in the second half to secure a valuable draw.

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