Kwon Chang-hoon, Jeonbuk is playing one after another…Suwon Samsung’s off-season training is imminent without an official, and the No. 1 loyalty fans ‘request a meeting’

Fans of Suwon Samsung couldn’t resist the frustration. “Prente Tricolo” of Suwon supporters made an official request to the club through its official SNS channel, saying, “The head of the parent company or operating company, the CEO and the general manager, the head of each part (or chief executive officer), the manager, and one or two representatives of the team. The club requested the participation of the above personnel, and we hope that it will be a meeting where discussions about sincerity and development of the team come and go without the number of supporters and time limits as before.”

Suwon, a famed traditional powerhouse, has been drifting for a long time. It ranked the bottom in the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023.” It was the first time that the team was automatically demoted to the K League 2 (part 2) stage. The team had been hovering around the bottom throughout the season. Suwon has been mired in controversy by replacing only its head coaches one after another with Lee Byung-geun → Acting coach Choi Sung-yong → Kim Byung-soo → Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon. Suwon will play again with the determination to revive the team immediately after its demotion. Lee Joon and Oh Dong-seok, the team’s general manager, resigned from their posts. However, there has been no follow-up action even after one month of demotion. 메이저 토토사이트

While the club has failed to provide any response, controversy surrounding the team is growing. At the end of last year, there was a controversy over joint use of Suwon World Cup Stadium with Suwon FC. Since January when the transfer market opened, players who had been playing as the main players have been leaving the team are becoming a reality. Go Myeong-seok moved to Daegu FC and Han Seok-jong moved to Seongnam FC. Kwon Chang-hoon, a youth captain, moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai. Kwon was a native of Maetan High School, Suwon Under-18 (U-18) and used to be the symbol of the team. However, he is joining Jeonbuk in the ground in the new season’s uniform. This is not the end. Godrich Ko Seung-bum is about to move to Ulsan HD.

Fans are expressing anger. They express their frustration through SNS, but the club remains silent. The team started its winter training on April 4, but only adjusts its conditions. Suwon initially planned the off-season training in Bangkok, Thailand on the 12th. At this rate, Suwon has no choice but to start its off-season training without making any decision. “Suwon has not made an official announcement for its new leadership,” multiple officials familiar with the K-League transfer market said. “This is why we are preparing to appoint a coach and recruit players, but we have not been able to officially announce it.”

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Professional Football Association, Suwon topped the list of average passenger prices in 2023 with 15,418 won (approx. The unit price is calculated by subtracting the ticket purchase amount of the season ticket holder who did not actually watch the game from the total admission income of the season and dividing it by the total number of paid spectators for the season. Suwon has the most loyal fans in the K-League, but it has long ignored their support and trust.

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