KIA Choi Hyung-woo’s FA 3.4 billion won contract is over…4 months OUT, multi-year contract available? 31 final hits. “Non-replaceable”

Choi Hyung-woo appeared as a leadoff hitter in the bottom of the seventh inning when he was trailing 0-1 against KT in Gwangju on the 24th, hitting a liner to the second base from KT Ko Young-pyo, and while running at first base, he was slightly caught by Park Byung-ho’s foot and hit his left collarbone hard on the ground. Results of examination show left fracture and damage to the shavings. You have to rehabilitate for four months. It’s the season out.

As a result, the three-year 3.4 billion won FA contract signed by KIA and Choi Hyung-woo in the 2020-2021 FA market has expired. In order for Choi Hyung-woo to qualify for the FA again, he has to wait another year until the 2024-2025 market. But he may not necessarily sign a one-year contract next year. This is because non-FA multi-year contracts have been activated.

It is difficult to know clearly whether KIA will pursue a non-FA multi-year contract with Choi Hyung-woo. The industry evaluates that there is enough possibility, but there are many variables in the contract. There are many options. How to qualify for FA after a single-year contract, multi-year contracts of more than 2 years, contracts with various options such as 1+1 year, etc. 온라인카지노

Looking back over the past three years, this contract has not been a 100% success. It is a fact that Choi Hyung-woo was sluggish in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Batting average of 0.233 12 home runs, 55 RBIs and 52 runs in 104 games in the 2021 season, batting average of 0.264 14 home runs, 71 RBIs and 55 runs in 132 games in the 2022 season, with an OPS of 0.787 OPS.

But it has made a perfect comeback this season. In 121 games, 130 hits in 431 at-bats for a batting average of 0.302 17 homers 81 RBIs 64 runs on-base percentage of 0.400 slugging percentage 0.487 OPS 0.887 run-scoring percentage of 0.317. On-base percentage, slugging percentage, fourth place in OPS, fifth place in RBIs, ninth place in homers, 13th place in batting average, and 16th place in runs scored.

In particular, he is tied for first place with Austin Dean (LG) with 14 winning hits. Choi Hyung-woo’s solver instinct has not only shone this year. 7th place in 2021 season with 11 and 6 in 2022 season. There are 31 in the last three years. Not many batters have hit more finishers than Choi Hyung-woo during the period. 46 Kim Hyun-soo (LG), 34 Choi Jung (SSG) and Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) are ahead of Choi Hyung-woo. Park Byung-ho (KT) has 31 and is the same as Choi Hyung-woo. Choi Hyung-woo has 24 fellow Na Sung-bums.

Choi Hyung-woo’s revival is clear from the second stat. He is 14th with a batting average of 3.64 based on the baseball statistics site Statistics, 5th with an adjusted scoring productivity of 153.3, 5th with a weighted on-base percentage of 0.409, and 3rd with a probability of victory contribution of 4.06. In a word, it is very difficult to find another batter like this.

KIA spent two years on a six-year, 15 billion won contract with Na Sung-bum. Na Sung-beom will keep the centerline of KIA for the next four years. After Na Sung-beom joined the team, the role of the pillar of the lineup naturally shifted from Choi Hyung-woo to Na Sung-beom. However, Na Sung-bum’s absence was long this season, and Choi Hyung-woo’s revival clearly confirmed Choi Hyung-woo’s still presence.

Choi Hyung-woo will also turn 41 next year. After four months of rehabilitation, it will not be difficult to join the spring camp in February next year. Apart from this injury, a multi-year contract of more than three years should be considered difficult anyway. It is expected to be about two years even if a multi-year contract is signed. However, KIA is currently negotiating a non-FA multi-year contract with catcher Kim Tae-gun. Another star, Kim Sun-bin, will also qualify for the FA after the end of this season. Another variable is that it is not an environment that can be all-in only for Choi Hyung-woo.

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