“Kim Minjae didn’t forget us!” Napoli’s crazy story, 7,000 comments exploded

Kim Min-jae posted a post on his personal SNS on December 31 (Korea time) reminiscing about his time in Naples. He also posted a picture of winning the Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season in Naples, a picture taken with his teammates, a picture taken by Giovanni Di Lorenzo in front of Kim Min-jae’s sign, and a picture of cheering with Napoli fans.

Then, countless Neapolitan fans came to thank Kim Min-jae. Alex Merrett, a former Neapolitan colleague, also made an appearance. One fan left a comment, saying, “I miss Kim Min-jae like salt,” and many fans chanted “KIM,” Kim Min-jae’s cheering song during his time in Naples.

Kim Min-jae’s post remembered 2023 in Bayern Munich had about 700 comments as of 11 a.m. on the 1st, while Napoli’s post had about 7,000 comments. It was well revealed how much Napoli fans loved Kim Min-jae, with the number of hearts doubling.

Local fans in Italy also paid attention to Kim’s SNS post. Corriele dello Sport said, “Kim Min-jae did not forget Naples. We decided to say goodbye to 2023 by looking back on the emotions of the past year that we will remember. Hundreds of comments asking Kim to come back were full of gratitude from Napoli fans.” 스포츠토토

Kim Min-jae made a historic first season when he moved to Napoli ahead of the 2022-23 season. Perfectly filling Kalidou Koulibaly’s vacancy, Kim Min-jae was the last puzzle to complete Luciano Spaletti’s attacking football.

Kim began to fly as soon as he transferred to the club, winning the Serie A player of the month award, and Napoli, thanks to Kim’s stellar performance, began to surge to No. 1 in the league. Napoli won the league title by storm, reaching the top of the league for the first time since Diego Maradona’s time. It was the first championship in 33 years.

Kim Min-jae left Naples after one season, but Napoli fans still miss Kim Min-jae. As Napoli’s performance fell unexpectedly this season, Napoli fans who missed Kim Min-jae seem to have been more vocal.

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