Lee Jung-hoo’s dignity made by chance…Lee Jung-hoo, 26 clubs haven’t even spent yet

Major features of the 2023-2024 Major League off-season are the remarkable quality of being rich and poor. While teams that spend money lavishly opened their wallets by recruiting large free agents, those that do not are taking a wait-and-see approach to the market. Considering the amount of spending, this is a realistic approach.

This is evidenced by the off-season spending of 30 Major League teams through Friday (Korea Standard Time) compiled by USA Today. The Los Angeles Dodgers, which invested heavily in Shohei Ohtani (total 10-year investment of 700 million dollars) and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (total 12-year investment of 325 million dollars), has posted 1.043 billion dollars in total. It accounts for an absolute share of the total investment in the FA market in the Major League this year.

However, no team other than the Dodgers has spent more than 200 million dollars so far. Of course, the final report card will be different as many big names such as Blake Snell, Cody Bellinger, and Josh Hader remain in the market. Aside from that, many teams seem to spend little or no money. 슬롯사이트 순위

There are only six teams that have spent more than $100 million so far, including the Dodgers, the Arizona Diamondbacks ($122 million), the San Francisco Giants ($121.25 million), the Philadelphia Phillies ($172 million), the Cincinnati Reds ($106.2 million), and the Kansas City Royals ($105 million).

San Francisco appears to have also spent quite a lot of money, but Lee Jung-hoo accounts for the vast majority of the money. Lee signed a six-year contract with the San Francisco Giants at a total of 113 million U.S. dollars. He is one of the few players who has signed contracts worth more than 100 million dollars in the FA market this year. If the amount of posting money that should be given to Kiwoom is included, San Francisco has invested more than 130 million dollars to recruit Lee. This information shows that Lee is playing a bigger role than expected in this off-season.

Lee Jung-hoo recorded a higher ransom than the offseason spending of 26 teams, including his team San Francisco, Dodgers, Arizona, and Philadelphia. Of course, the number of teams excluded is expected to increase after the offseason is completely over, but this trend itself is not expected to change significantly as more than half of the teams are expected to spend less than $100 million at the current pace.

The other 24 teams, on the other hand, spent less than $100 million, and quite a few even spent less than $40 million. Colorado, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta, New York, Mets, and Washington Miami spent less than $40 million in the National League West.

In this part of the American League East, where fierce competition takes place every season, all five teams do not spend more than 40 million U.S. dollars. The situation in the West is the same. In total, the five Western teams spent only 71.8 million dollars. In the Central District, the Chicago White Sox, Cleveland, and Minnesota spent less than 40 million dollars.

Even the Colorado, Miami, Chicago Cubs, and New York Yankees didn’t spend a single penny on the FA market. It’s amazing that the Yankees and Cubs are on the list. If they expand their reach to less than $10 million, Washington, Cleveland, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, the Los Angeles Angels, and Oakland will be added. With the FA market announcing its full-fledged re-opening, attention is focusing on when the market will become noisy.

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