LG’s Yoo Yoo-sang explodes for 18 points in 19 minutes, “I’m going to make every shot count”

“We try to make every shot count”

Changwon LG won 74-70 against Goyang Sono in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Association at Goyang Sono Arena on Tuesday. LG, which moved into a tie for second place with Seoul SK, improved to 23-13 on the season.

Yoo Yoo-sang (188 cm, G) had a pure performance with 18 points, one rebound and one blocked shot in 19 minutes and 28 seconds. 온라인카지노 He also hit four 3-pointers. Lee Jung-hyun (G, 187 cm) was also solid.

Yoo said after the game, “We have two more games against Sono. We are playing four games in a row away from home. (Lee) Kwan-hee and (Jung) Hee-jae led by example on the field. They kept us steady, and that translated into our performance. I’m glad we got the win.”

“We took advantage of the attacking options that (Asem) Marei created. I felt comfortable with the catch-and-shoot after receiving a Marei pass. Even now, my brothers are creating my 3-point opportunities. Still, I feel differently about rebounding with and without him. If I know he’s going to catch it inside, I feel more comfortable throwing it up. My brothers are getting sick more and more. They don’t take care of themselves. I’m trying to fill in the gaps and take the lead in the big things.”

Yoo Yoo-sang was a standout on offense in the game. LG coach Cho Sang-hyun also praised him for maintaining his defensive energy and scoring runs.

“Again today, everyone saw my chances, so I was able to score. The reason (I go out there) in the first place is defense. Obviously, when you’re defending, your shooting can be shaky. Still, when you have a chance, it’s a waste to throw it away because it’s hard. I try to make every shot count,” he explained.

He continued, “(Lee) really likes and respects his brother. We shared a room in college. He knows his style of play naturally. The coaching staff has been wrapping their heads around his defense. Nevertheless, Jung Hyun-i is better than he used to be. It’s really hard to defend him. It’s even harder to follow other players. My teammates help me a lot with help defense.”

Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F), who walked into the press conference with Yoo Yoo-sang, was serious about making Yoo Yoo-sang the rookie king. Yoo did not hide his desire to be crowned rookie king either.

“If you look at the records, (Park) Mubin has the best record. He’s a competitor and a friend. We keep in touch from time to time. I’m actually happy that he’s doing well. I hope my 2023 draft classmates stay alive for a long time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have Rookie of the Year aspirations. But the team is doing well. If you focus on the team’s performance, good things will happen.”

“If you’re a professional player, you have to be careful of even the slightest cold. (Yang) will eat well and rest as his brother said. I will do things to help control my condition,” he concluded the press conference.

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