‘Lovely Runner’ actor Lee Seung-hyub reflects on familiar idol role

Lee Seung-hyub plays Baek In-hyuk in the tvN series 'Lovely Runner.' Courtesy of tvN and FNC Entertainment

The popular tvN series “Lovely Runner” wrapped up its final episode Tuesday, leaving viewers enchanted and eager for more. Known for its heart-warming romance between Ryu Sun-jae (Byeon Woo-seok) and Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon), the show owes much of its success to the outstanding performances of its cast.And among the stellar lineup is actor Lee Seung-hyub, who played Baek In-hyuk, Ryu’s long-time friend and bandmate in the fictional boy band Eclipse.Lee, a singer-turned-actor who burst onto the scene as a member of the rock band N.Flying, credited his real-life experience as a singer the key to his acting prowess during an interview with The Korea Times at his agency headquarters, FNC Entertainment, May 22.”The fact that I’m a singer brought a unique dynamic to this drama,” Lee said. “Witnessing viewers’ reactions, where they assumed I was initially an actor, finally felt like a validation of my career in acting.

It was gratifying to know that my performance was seamlessly embraced.” Lee debuted back in 2015 as the frontperson and guitarist of N.Flying, expanding his career into acting just two years later. He continued to build his resume with roles in JTBC’s 2021 romance drama “Nevertheless” and tvN’s 2022 rom-com series “Shooting Stars.”In “Lovely Runner,” Lee portrays the character Baek, a passionate young man who embarks on a journey from his hometown to Seoul at the age of 16, driven by his dream of becoming a singer. Along the way, he encounters Ryu, and together they navigate the challenges and experiences as members of a fictional K-pop juggernaut.Lee emphasized that, similar to his character Baek, he has harbored a deep love for music since a young age. Reflecting on his own experiences, Lee shared that he left his hometown of Daegu at the age of 19, dedicating himself entirely to music as he made the move to Seoul.“Playing Baek brought back many memories of my youth,” Lee recalled. “Like Baek, I too, being from the provincial area, had to travel to Seoul for lessons every weekend since there were no music schools nearby. 카지노사이트킹 It also reminded me of auditioning for my dreams during middle school.”

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