Luka Doncic (24, Slovenia) showed off his superstar qualities again.

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Washington Wizards 130-117 in the NBA 2023-24 regular league away game at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., on the 16th.

For Dallas, which won, Doncic had 26 points, seven rebounds, and 10 assists, including four three-point shots, Hardaway Jr. had 31 points, 44 rebounds, and three assists, and Jones Jr. had 20 points, seven rebounds and two blocks. Washington, which has been in a swamp of four consecutive losses, fought hard with Kuzma 22 points, six rebounds and three assists, and Abudiya 15 points, three rebounds and four assists and three steals.

Away team Dallas filled Kyrie Irving’s vacancy with Josh Green, and home team Washington activated a normal lineup. 스포츠토토

Doncic pulled up his gear as if he had decided from the first quarter. Doncic, who reported his first offensive point while helping Green with a 3-pointer, was involved in all of his team’s runs as he raced through 16-5 runs. Washington also participated in the firepower battle led by Doncic, but Dallas’ explosive power, which even Hardaway Jr. broke out. Hardaway Jr. hit several pull-up jumpers to break down the Washington defense and give the team a 41-26 lead.

Doncic, who was also equipped with a hustle, responded to the chase led by Gallinari with a stepback three-point shot and even helped Grant Williams’ three-point shot to draw the opponent’s timeout. Meanwhile, Dallas’ defense also revived, further widening the score gap. Above all, Hardaway Jr. scored back-to-back three-point shots to make the opponent groggy. Dallas entered the locker room with an overwhelming 71 points in the first half alone.

While Doncic hit another stepback three-point shot, Derek Jones Jr. and Derek Lively II also made a cut-in score with agile movements. However, Washington also managed Dallas’ formidable firepower with a score derived from a two-man game using Gafford. With Jones Jr.’s great performance, Dallas entered the fourth quarter with a 104-83 lead and a 21-point lead.

Early in the fourth quarter, the bench lineup led by Kuzma and Gallinari once dominated, but Seth Curry threw cold water with a series of pull-up three-point shots and mid-range jumpers. Dallas then tried to close the game by putting Doncic in, but the atmosphere flowed strangely as Aboudiya succeeded in a three-point shot, which was his weakness. Doncic, who went to save the team, was blocked by the defense after committing a turnover.

However, Doncic was a player who knew how to play the game through passes and collaborated with Jones Jr. and Eliob Dunk. Eventually, Wes Unseld Jr., the coach of Washington who chose to give up the chase, threw a towel. Dallas then overpowered Washington 130-117.

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