Digitaine Signs Sportsbook Partnership With Winner ro

Digitaine is pleased to have entered into a partnership to provide Winner.ro , one of the leading online operators based in Romania, with sportsbooks using custom application programming interface (API) solutions.

The main objectives of the partnership are: 슬롯머신

Through this partnership, Digitaine hopes to expand its presence in Romania’s regulatory market and bring its unique sportsbook to new customers. In a related development, Digitaine founder Barjes Vardayan said, “Our entire team is delighted to be working with Winner in the regulated Romanian market. As a brand, it has continued to grow over the past decade and continues to push boundaries around players’ technological and product innovation. We therefore look forward to supporting the next phase of WINNER’s growth journey through Digitaine’s award-winning sportsbook.”

Meanwhile, Winner.ro will enjoy the popularity of being a partner of one of the leading companies, such as Digitain, meaning we can expect to further consolidate our presence and expand our portfolio across Romania in the future. It will also increase player immersion by adding new invisible content to the portfolio.

“Product leadership is our goal, and we are excited to live with Digitaine. We are now accelerating our future strategy to have the best customer and product experience with unique features and local content. I look forward to continuing my work with Digitaine to innovate our sportsbook offerings and deliver value to our athletes.” – Nicklas Zajdel, Winner’s chief executive officer, added.

In addition, according to an official press release, Dragos Buriou, Newton’s founder (platform vendor at Winner.ro ), said, “Digitain has been respected for years as we scale business solutions within the B2B iGaming supply chain. This business puts customers and employees first when delivering complex solutions for today’s omnichannel operators. We look forward to working with Digitain’s team as we further accelerate our growth in the Romanian market in the coming months.”

Learn more about your partner:

Digitain is one of the leading vendors of online gaming software with state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of mobile, online and land-based sectors. With a proven track record of excellence, we offer our allies an all-inclusive payment gateway: world-class sportsbooks, the most trusted, reputable, and wealthy online gaming platforms, Virtual Sports, Paydrom and more. Whether partners prefer API integration or turnkey solutions, a wealth of products can provide users with a great experience. It is also headquartered in Armenia.

Winnerio is a sports betting and casino company that won the 2016 “best traditional betting operator” award from Casino Inside. Commitment to customers is to provide services and products of different quality, such as international lottery, sports betting, and gaming machines.

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