SHFL Entertainment Signs Relationship With Evolution Gaming

But the idea of signing up for a live dealer casino to play games on an electronic table feels a bit strange. Of course, instead of playing cartoon versions of famous SHFL-owned games like Casino War, Three Card Poker and Let It Ride, you’ll be able to interact live with a very professional and friendly dealer. But you’ll be online and interface with live dealers delivering electronic games. All of this feels a little surreal. Isn’t it so? 온라인경마

Although it is growing in popularity, this reviewer refuses to play electronic table games in real-life live casinos. It’s just a personal preference and that’s probably why all of this seems so unnatural to me. Of course the shoes on the blackjack or baccarat table could have been mixed by shufflemaster and the optical reader would be familiar with what cards I’m holding. But as long as it continues until you decide to stop playing, you can’t give the casino any information in its favor.

If I change the dealer, replace the shoes at the tip of my hand, or bring the triple shot of Absolut to the cranberry spray, none of this will change the card or the way I play. But flying into a casino and playing games that you can play online (other than slots) is not going to happen. If I did, I definitely wouldn’t go online and hire an actual dealer for a wild spin of electronic roulette, iTable blackjack, Holdham, etc.

Maybe I’m getting in the way of getting older, but it all makes me scratch my head and wonder what’s next as the old world meets the new world in online games.

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