Studio City’s spectacular opening yesterday

Cotay Streep’s Studio City Hollywood-themed leisure resorts and casinos enjoyed a spectacular opening ceremony yesterday. Melco Crown Entertainment’s (MCE) $3.2 billion resort will focus on the public market through various non-game amenities over the coming years. Lawrence Ho and co-chair James Packer explained that goal at a press conference at yesterday’s opening ceremony.

Currently, Studio City does not have a junket room due to the government’s new market table allocation, primarily for gaming properties. Before the opening Ho hoped the government would allocate 400 game tables but instead had to settle for the 250 tables MCE received. Ho told an event yesterday: “Melco Crown has moved away from VIP a long time ago as a company. We’re the second and last operator to rely on VIPs of the six candidates,” he said, addressing the issue. Ho added that if they had received more tables, the company might have opted for a small VIP section, but that it was happy with where they were and understood that the government needed to keep the table upper limit. But that could change in the future if you get more tables.

Melco Crown expects the U.S. 3.2 billion Macau Project to attract more than 31 million tourists over the next few years. During the intense highs and lows experienced by the region’s casino market, MCE invested $10 billion in Macau. Ho said, “As this amount is invested, we’re looking at five or 10 years. Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macao bridge will be a game changer. In addition, with the completion of the Kotai Ferry Terminal and light rail, Macau will be able to accommodate more than 31 million tourists,” according to a local source. 카지노사이트 순위

MCE’s investment in non-game amenities was one of the most talked-about topics by the company’s presidents at the grand opening press conference. Packer explained that in response to the government’s expectations, he focused on building non-game amenities, as he did at City of Dreams. Ho said, “In terms of non-game amenities, we are the undisputed top investor. We really took it to another level. Studio City is about interactive amenities that the whole family can share.”

The hotel in Studio City is divided into an all-suite star tower with 1,600 celebrity towers and more than 600 suites. It is the result of a partnership between New Cotai LLC, a local company with a 40% stake in the project, and MCE, which owns 60%. Following a shift in strategy to focus more on family-oriented holiday destinations and attract more visitors, the MCE downgraded the hotel from a five-star facility to a more accessible four-star facility.

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