Mountain West Conference Signs Partnership With US Integrity

Today, US Integrity announced a comprehensive partnership with the Mountain West Conference as MW continues its efforts to protect the integrity of competition and support membership in an evolving college sports betting environment. 온라인경마

Mountain West recently became one of the first organizations to adopt USI’s groundbreaking ProhiBet platform, and began implementing the system internally and with its member organizations. With today’s announcement, the Conference expands access to monitoring software, tools, and additional resources needed to effectively explore many components of sports betting.

“American integrity is an indisputable leader in developing a multi-pronged framework to facilitate the transparency and information management necessary to ensure a fair and safe environment for sports betting,” said MW Commissioner Gloria Nevarez. “This is a priority for the Mountain West and we are excited to be able to leverage USI’s expertise for the benefit of many voters.”

Among other support services, USI will provide integrity monitoring to Mountain West Conference through its own developed dashboard and will conduct analyses across dozens of datasets to proactively identify irregular competition levels, officiating, and betting patterns.

Matthew Holt, CEO and co-founder of USI, said, “We are very proud to work with Mountain West as we continue to make proactive efforts to maintain the integrity of the meeting.” He continued: “The team here at USI is excited to work with the Mountain West Conference to provide the highest standards of integrity. Collaboration and cohesive partnership through USI’s Integrity Initiative will provide the best opportunities for student athletes in the Mountain West.”

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