Mugosa ‘back after 402 days’ “Returning to Incheon? A feeling I can’t put into words”

Mugosa shares his thoughts on wearing the Incheon jersey after 402 days.

Incheon United, led by head coach Cho Sung-hwan, won 1-0 against Hong Kong Lehman FC in a practice match to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the Incheon Football Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 1.

After the game, Mugosa said, “It was good to play at home after a long time. We played well in the first half, and the younger players did well in the second half. We will continue the good atmosphere and prepare well for the league.”

The game was not an official match, but it was Mugosa’s first game in an Incheon uniform in 402 days. “I didn’t realize I was playing after 402 days, but as 안전놀이터 soon as I entered the stadium, I was welcomed by many fans. “I couldn’t believe that I was back in Incheon,” he said. “The fans’ support helped me get ready to play. Thanks to the fans’ support, my mindset was solidified before the game.”

Incheon fans are looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Mugosa, Hernandez, Gerso, and other foreign players. “It’s no secret that we have a good roster this year. Not only the foreign players but also the Korean players are outstanding. I think the foreigners are the best in the league. I’ve been the center of attention. Now the pressure will be distributed. I think these details are important.”

At the moment, Mugosa is a bit out of practice. He hasn’t been playing regularly for Vissel Kobe in Japan. He was also injured during the last Montenegrin national team call-up. “I was injured during the national team call-up in June. I couldn’t train for about a month. I’m determined to get back on my feet and show a good performance.”

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