Nine months ago, did Lee Young-ha know that the mound would become so desperate

Lee Young-ha has relieved the stress of school violence trials through weight training and training, and as always, sweat has not betrayed. Lee Young-ha threw a fastball of up to 149 kilometers in his return to the first division in 294 days after starting the match against the SSG Landers in Jamsil on August 13 last year, becoming a must-win candidate at once.

Lee Young-ha was registered in the first division entry ahead of the Suwon kt Wiz match on the 3rd. It has been 286 days since he was removed from the first division entry due to the school violence trial issue on August 21 last year. A one-year junior of Sunrin Internet High School exposed Lee Young-ha to the Internet community in early 2021 as a perpetrator of school violence and reported her to the Sports Ethics Center, leading to a legal fight, forcing her to take off her uniform for a while.

Judge Chung Geum-young of the Seoul Western District Court acquitted Lee Young-ha, who was indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and blackmail on the 31st of last month. It was judged that the victim’s statement was not objective and did not match the witnesses’ statements, so there was no proof of crime. Lee Young-ha, who had not signed a contract with Doosan for 120 million won a year immediately after being acquitted, regained his uniform in nine months.

Even though the body was away from the mound, the mind was always on the mound. Doosan officials praised Lee Young-ha by saying, “He made his body really well by doing weight training by himself while he was on trial,” and Lee Young-ha smiled awkwardly, saying, “In fact, there was nothing I could do other than weight training.”

The nine-month hiatus gave Lee a much healthier body than before. He had a hard time fighting in court, but as a result of trying to fill the time when he could not train with the team, he lost about 8-9kg during this period. The weight, which was three digits before the trial, has now fallen to two digits. The exact figure was reluctant to disclose, calling it “privacy,” but it has changed to the point where it is more difficult not to notice that the body has improved much.

I lost weight, but my skills remained the same. Lee Young-ha took the mound as a relief pitcher in the bottom of the eighth inning, trailing 3-13 against Suwon kt on the 3rd. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said he wanted to use it in a comfortable situation first considering Lee Young-ha’s sense of practice, and sent Lee Young-ha to a game where the game has already turned to kt as planned. Lee Young-ha stopped him. He showed the class of Ace, who had 17 wins in 2019 by pitching well with one hit, four walks, one strikeout, and no runs in one inning.

Until Lee Young-ha took the mound, the Doosan mound was in a total mess. He allowed as many as 13 runs as he gave up 16 hits and 7 walks to the kt batters. The fielders’ defensive mistakes overlapped and led to massive runs, but the young guns’ control basically exhausted the viewers. As starting pitcher Kim Dong-joo allowed only five runs in three innings, the next pitchers had to focus on quickly increasing the out count, and young guns such as Park Jung-soo (four hits, two outs, one strikeout, five runs), Choi Ji-gang (three outs in one inning), and Kim Yoo-sung (one strikeout in one inning) failed to fulfill their duties. 바카라사이트넷

Lee Young-ha also failed to lead the ball count fight itself to an advantage. However, he continued to throw the ball near the strike zone so that batters could throw it quickly, blocking the first inning with 14 balls. The highest fastball speed was 149km and the average speed was 148km, and the slider in the 130km/h range was mixed once.

If more sense of play builds up in the future, it is worth looking forward to as a must-win group as in the past. Currently, Doosan’s Pilseungjo has no constant card except closer Hong Gun-hee (31), as setup man Jung Chul-won (24) left due to the 2023 World Baseball Classic drinking scandal. If Lee Young-ha blocks the back door with Hong Gun-hee, the problem of mound overload can be solved to some extent.

Lee Young-ha said, “I gave up my greed this year. The selection seems to be greed. I can’t wait to throw it into the bullpen and throw a lot. “I want to win a lot again,” he said. With the joining of Cheongun Manma Lee Young-ha, coach Lee, who had been worried about managing the mound, seems to be able to breathe a little.

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