The Macau Casino Developer and Operator SJM Holdings plans to open its own promotional casino

Macau casino developer and operator SJM Holdings plans to open its own promotional casino in the Lisboeta Macau complex, Vice President Ambros Sospi said. So’s remarks were reported Sunday by Hong Kong-based Chinese news outlet Myungbo. Lisboa Macau is a HK$39 billion ($5 billion) leisure resort project planned by SJM Holdings next to Grand Lisboa Palace. The latter properties will also include casinos self-promoted by SJM Holdings. 경마사이트프로

Lisboeta Macau opened some of its leisure attractions to the public on July 17. These attractions include the indoor skydiving facility Go Airborne, a 388m (1,273ft) zip-line ride under the brand ZIPCITY Macau, and the entertainment and catering zone “Night Market @ Lisboeta” in front of a replica of the “floating casino”. In a commentary on Myungbo, So said the casinos in Lisboa Macau and Grand Lisboa Palace will satisfy a diverse customer base. Ming Pao’s report did not provide details on the types of game customers targeted for each property.

Mr So added that SJM Holdings has yet to reach an agreement with the owner of Lisboeta Macau on the casino operation of the property. Macau Theme Park and Resort is located in front of Arnaldo Hoyau Hung, the son of late Macau game businessman Stanley Ho Hong Sun, Angela Leung On Kay. Mr Leong and Mr Arnoldo Ho are part of the leadership established at SJM Holdings.

In addition to its deal with Macau Theme Parks and Resorts, SJM Holdings needs regulatory approval to open a casino in Lisboata Macau. Lisboeta Macau has long been regarded by many game industry observers as a facility that supports SJM Holdings’ Grand Lisboa Palace. Grand Lisboa Palace was due to open in the first half of the year, according to SJM Holdings’ first-quarter highlights released in May. In a press release released last week, the company only said that Kotai Real Estate would be launched “soon.”

In a separate commentary sent to the Hong Kong Economic Journal, Mr So said SJM Holdings would not wait for normal travel links between Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China to reopen the Grand Lisboa Palace complex. He added on Monday that the property would be opened in phases, as quoted in Chinese media. So did not say when the first phase of the resort will begin.

As of Monday, Lisboeta Macau’s hotels were still being used for quarantine purposes as part of the Macau government’s response to the COVID-19 emergency. Two other themed hotels in the Kotai leisure complex, Maison Loccitane and Casa de Amigo, are still under development. There are no other requests to terminate the satellite casino

Mr So told the Hong Kong Economic Journal that other partners in SJM Holdings’s satellite casino have so far not asked to terminate their service contracts with casino operators. Casino Diamond, located in the Holiday Inn Macau Building in the heart of the Macau Peninsula, currently operates a satellite casino that uses the gaming rights of SJM Holdings. In other words, under a service agreement with SJM Holdings, a third party promotes the property.

According to SoC, SJM Holdings has a total of 13 different satellite casinos. The company also operates five self-promotional casinos. Casino Oceanus, Casino Easton and Casino Taifa in Casino Grand Lisboa, Casino Lisboa, Casino At Zai Alai. Casino Taifa at Regency Art Hotel temporarily closed, So told Mingbo. The Regency Art Hotel is currently used for quarantine purposes for travelers entering Macau.

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