Only two Macau satellites are closed due to extension of concession

Of Macau’s 18 satellite casinos, only two of the Rio and President casinos have closed, against the backdrop of six game concessions in Macau extending their respective game contracts by about six months.

Local Chinese-language media, citing unconfirmed sources, once reported that more than two satellites could be shut down as of June 26, the expiration date of Macau’s license, due to concerns that upcoming regulatory adjustments would make the business model inoperable. 파칭코사이트인포

Some third-party promoters of the satellite, a place where each of Macau’s six license holders uses game rights, have shared game revenues with casino partners in the past. Although there is a three-year grace period for investors to adapt to it and other new arrangements, this practice is prohibited.

Information on which satellites are active is provided in the concession agreement details posted on the official website of the Macau Game Regulator.

Local government concession extension awaits new open tender process for Macau game tickets. Until a new concession is awarded, the satellite can only be guaranteed to operate until December 31.

Of the 18 satellites, 14 were using SJM Holdings’ game rights. Three other locations – the Rio Casino, the President Casino and the Waldo Casino – were using the gaming rights of the Galaxy Entertainment Group. The Waldo casino will continue to operate.

Another satellite, Casino Grand Dragon, has relied on licenses from Melco Resorts and Entertainment. The latter company confirmed last week that the game will continue on June 27 at the Grand Dragon.

In mid-June, it was reported that Golden Dragon Group, the promoter of Casino Grand Dragon, had agreed to continue casino operations until Dec. 31 for three other Dragon-branded satellites controlled under gaming licenses from Macau Peninsula and SJM Holdings.

Eleven other satellites using game rights from SJM Holdings also still have rights for casino games under the latter’s extended game contract. In addition, under the contract, the casino operator holds gaming rights to its own venues, Casino Lisboa, Zai Alai’s Casino Oceanus, Casino Easton and Casino Taifa, along with the core gaming businesses of Grand Lisboa and Grand Lisboa Palace.

Casino Greek Mythology, Casino Macau Palace and Casino Macau Jockey Club, which historically all relied on SJM Holdings’ use of game tickets, are classified as venues that are no longer licensed to operate the game under the company’s extended contract. They were previously listed as closed places by the gaming inspection coordination bureau, a casino regulator.

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