‘Playmaker’ Kang-in Lee is sure to change “No additional signings of PSG midfielders”

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is in a more urgent position to recruit strikers, making it difficult to recruit midfielders.

France’s “RMC Sports” said on the 24th, “There is no player PSG is aiming for a midfielder position.” With eight days left before the transfer market deadline, PSG seems to be no longer recruiting midfielders. Bernardo Silva has renewed his contract with Manchester City, making it more certain. PSG considered Silva, who is highly creative, as its top target, but Manchester City did not consider the proposal, it reported. 안전놀이터

He added, “Discussions with Ibrahim Sangare (PSV Eindhoven), a more athletic midfielder, continue, but the conversation has not progressed much.”

The sale that PSG is currently focusing on is not Randal Collo-Mu. Currently, there is no problem with the agreement between PSG and the players. It’s been a long time since it’s been completed. The issue to be solved is the agreement between PSG and Frankfurt on transfer fees. Frankfurt, which had been sticking to 100 million euros (about 142.9 billion won), is gradually reaching an agreement as the transfer fee has been cut a little.

PSG are also targeting the prospect Bradley Barcola, who plays for Olympique Lyon. Currently, PSG is reportedly negotiating a transfer fee with Lyon. Barcola is a versatile style striker who can play both left and right wingers and striker positions.

Since PSG is focusing only on recruiting additional strikers, it is difficult to recruit even a midfielder. Financial fair play (FFP) regulations are also found to be an obstacle to additional PSG recruitment. If the sale of Marco Verati and Giorgio Wijnaldum had been made easily, there would have been more financial leeway, but it is difficult to release them because the transfer fee satisfactory to send Verati and Wijnaldum has not arrived.

It is a good thing for Lee Kang-in that there is no additional midfielder recruitment. If additional strikers are recruited, Lee Kang-in will be less likely to play as a side winger. PSG is already preparing to use Lee Kang-in as a playmaker in the midfield.

French media Le Parisien said, “PSG wants to make Lee Kang-in a playmaker. PSG needs to find new opportunity creators as Lionel Messi and Neymar leave the team. Coach Luis Enrique said, “I trust Lee Kang-in, and today’s staff wants to transform him into a playmaker.”

Although he cannot play in a new role right now due to injury, it is expected that it will be easier to compete for the starting position than the striker position. Vitinha is coming out frequently this season, but it is below expectations due to tempo-eating plays and ambiguous passes. He is also unable to contribute defensively due to his lack of competitive ability. Warren Zaire Emery is now born in 2006, so it’s hard to put him at the heart of the team. Fabien Ruiz is said to have a poor ability to carry the ball or break through.

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