The Atlantic Club Casino closes Jan. 13 in New Jersey

Back in April, we predicted two things about online gambling in New Jersey, which was (partly) mistaken about one and accurate about the other. The first educational guess was that Caesars would be the first to offer online games. I offered the game at the same time as the other five casinos (not the second), but in reality it was the Bogata Hotel Casino & Spa who got the first license, so it was partially wrong. Oh, how many do we win and how many do we lose? A tie is not a win unless you bet on a “tie.” The second guess was whether the PokerStars would have a place in emerging markets. At the time, we knew little about the widespread fall from the NO answer or the cool-headedness of hedge fund managers investing in casinos.

Although not only was the PokerStars (Oldford Group) application rejected for our proposed reasons, Atlantic Club owner Colony Capital poured in $5 billion in investment and ended up losing all of that position. Caesars will buy the building and divest it to reduce competition, and Tropicana will buy the machine for about $25 million, according to The Associated Press.

Not only will Atlantic City lose a very decent local casino that has provided tremendous value for your money, but more than 1,600 hard-working employees will also catch their attention. Some of these people have dedicated 30 years of their lives as loyal employees at the Atlantic Club Casino Resort. You can know some of them by name, or at least by their faces. I hope somewhere on the periphery of Caesars Entertainment is the heart of human compassion, as it was when it was founded 75 years ago in Reno Nevada. But it’s not that simple. 카지노사이트 순위

In the second quarter of this year, Caesar’s recorded more than $27 billion in debt on an upside-down balance sheet showing a total equity capital of $850 million. Paying 1,659 people who lose their jobs when they don’t have money on their balance sheets is quite difficult, and companies that give answers to shareholders are not responsible. It’s not just good, it’s only possible.

Now there are 11 casinos (we won’t predict anything about Rebel) and Pennsylvania has 12 casinos. If you are in this area, want to see your face, and want to know the great people who have served us over the years at the Atlantic Club, please visit us before the doors close on January 13. And please give me a tip.

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