PokerStars Co-Branded Oracle Red Bull Racing Wheel Cover

In Las Vegas last night, at the unveiling of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s fan-designed latest retail store, PokerStars acquired the wheels of RB19 with its unique poker chip cover, making it home to the game.

As part of an ongoing partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing, the world’s most popular poker site has co-designed a special wheel cover set that will appear on RB19 with Levery designed by Oracle Red Bull Racing fan Lindsay Palmer for a highly anticipated race this weekend. The red and white design encompasses the look and feel of poker chips and features the iconic PokerStars Red Spade.

Based on its promise to provide epic rewards to the poker community, PokerStars can reveal that it is giving fans the only chance to win one of the custom lace-worn wheel covers signed by three-time world champions, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. 안전놀이터

Special chip designs are integrated year-round into PokerStars x Oracle Red Bull Racing content, merchandise, and assets. This is because the promise of an amazing Las Vegas experience has been rewarded to fans throughout the year with the Red Spade Pass.

“We’re honored to be on the team’s wheels for the first time, and it’s an iconic part of a very special donation for our first race in Las Vegas,” said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, director of partnerships and public relations at PokerStars. “Our wheel reveal marks the culmination of our efforts this year to excite and reward our fans and customers, and we are thrilled to actually share such an iconic race souvenir with our community.”

The race marked the culmination of the acquisition of PokerStars Las Vegas. The PokerStars brought the popular North American Poker Tour (NAPT) back to Vegas last week ahead of its first weekend race in 12 years.

On the prestigious poker tour, 1,095 players flocked to Felt for the main event. At the tour stop, poker star online winners from around the world enjoyed live poker action in Las Vegas before taking part in the Grand Prix Festival through the poker star’s epic Vegas Gold Pass promotion, while the VIP experience has also seen racing purists wait for the limited edition Vegas Red Spade Pass through various prizes at poker star all season.

Pokerstars also played a gamemaster role in Oracle Red Bull Racing’s grand tauro USA this week. An exciting cross-country road trip featured a convoy of supercars leaving California for Las Vegas on Sunday. The PokerStars played thrilling games and activities over a four-day journey that culminated in last night’s evening of poker. PokerStars Ambassador Andre Akkari, Ali Shaban, and Frankie Cuciara, along with Maria Ho, a friend of PokerStars, sharpened their skills at the poker table. Celebrities such as Naomi Schiff, Chelsea Grimes, Leticia Buffoni, Matt Gallagher, Tommy Bellingham, Juliana Muncinelli and Chris Guedes attended.

“We truly brought the two worlds together to create two weeks of entertainment for both poker fans and F1 fans,” said McAdam Willett. From NAPT, sponsored by Oracle Red Bull Racing’s Grand Tauro, to charitable poker for fans during race week and an amazing VIP experience, we’re seeing through our promise to deliver unforgettable memories. We believe there will be no partner in the racing world that can do Vegas as much as we can, and we are grateful to Oracle Red Bull Racing for delivering our vision for wheel covers and giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on them.”

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