PokerStars NAPT returns after 12 years

The PokerStars North American Poker Tour is back after a successful nine days of exciting poker action at Resort World Las Vegas. 카지노사이트 순위

Players from all over the world could experience poker star live. From professionals to recreational and satellite winners to power-pass qualifiers, NAPT has been a place for everyone.

“We said we’re going to make this comeback spectacular, and I don’t think we’re disappointed!” said Steve Freese, vice president of North America at PokerStars. “Resort World Las Vegas was an amazing place for the return of this iconic series, and we hope our players enjoyed every minute of it.

“But NAPT doesn’t stop there. We cannot wait for 2024 and build on the success of this event.”

Celebrities such as actor and comedian Michael Ian Black, actor Arden Cho, and actress Jennifer Tilly also made appearances. Special qualifiers Nikki Limo and Lily Newhouse have joined the return of the big game along with poker legend Phil Hellmuth and poker stars ambassador Rex Veldhuis.

It was also the first PokerStars event for the newest PokerStars ambassadors, with Next Gen Poker consisting of Jack, Rosie, and Frankie attending the event with fellow ambassador Maria Konnikova.

In addition to cashing in at the NAPT main event, Konnikova was part of a special women – in – poker panel with Jennifer Chahade, writer and poker player Alex O’Brien, and poker power president Erin Ryden. During the panel, participants took a deep and honest look at what could be done to increase the number of women playing poker and how sites like PokerStars could make a difference.

Meanwhile, the NAPT main event was won by Sami Beched, who won first place in the 1,095-person arena, the largest NAPT main event held in the United States. Beched, who is from France but lives in California, is a former poker dealer who earned $268,945 by defeating a talented final table that includes big poker players such as David Coleman, Sergio Aido, and Nick Schulman.

There were also wins by popular American Kyna England, who won the $10,300 NAPT Super High Roller ($174,550), Samuel Laskowitz the $5,300 NAPT High Roller ($180,850) and the $360 NAPT Ladies Event ($7,520).

But the excitement from Las Vegas doesn’t stop there, with partner Oracle Red Bull Racing presenting amazing racing action over the weekend. The winners of the Red Spade Pass will provide an experience that cannot be bought with special money throughout their lives. Be sure to check out the PokerStars social media channel to see what they are doing.

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