Professional baseball players, forced to expose their fellow genitals, and assaulted them

A Japanese professional baseball player assaulted his colleague and forced him to expose his genitals.

Japanese media “Sankei Sports” reported an article titled “We urgently investigate Tomohiro Anraku (27) of the Rakuten Golden Eagles on suspicion of bullying.” “Anraku, who was reported in the media for bullying a number of players, was ordered to wait at home by the club on the 25th,” he said. “The renewal negotiations scheduled for that day have also been extended indefinitely.”

What the players revealed was beyond imagination. First of all, it is related to the assault. “The symptoms continued to be torn (from the assault),” one of the players who revealed that he was a former Rakuten athlete said. “After that, my training was affected,” he testified. “I wanted to tell my trainer, but I couldn’t because I was scared.”

There were some more shocking episodes. Many players said that Anraku once took off a young player’s underwear and exposed his genitals in the locker room. There was also a stalking act that persistently called him overnight when he refused his promise.

Rakuten club president Morii Seino bowed his head on the 25th, saying, “It’s the responsibility of the entire team’s management,” adding, “I’m taking it seriously.” He then apologized, saying, “The fact that this is said to be a problem within the team,” adding, “I’m sorry for causing concern to the fans.”

The team immediately started to investigate the situation. Rakuten surveyed about 100 people including players, coaches, and officials. The questionnaire reportedly contains an item that asks if he has been bullied by Anraku or other players. There is also an item that asks whether he or she has a happy interview with the team’s compliance officer.

A local lawyer said in an interview with the media, “If Anraku makes a statement that blasphemes his character, harassment can be recognized.” He also stressed, “If it is true that you have exposed your lower body, it is difficult to see it as part of your guidance,” adding, “Mental pain is a big and heavy issue among bullying.” 토토사이트

The right-handed pitcher posted 3 wins, 2 losses, 10 holds, 32 strikeouts and an earned run average of 3.04 in 57 games this season. After joining the Rakuten through the 2014 draft, Anraku was suspected of bullying other players during his high school years.

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