QTech Games Strengthen Family with Onlyplay

QTech Games, the No. 1 game distributor across Asia and all emerging markets, has established the latest vendor partnership with Onlyplay to help platform customers access the vendor’s innovative catalog of slots.

Among its extensive portfolio of slots, OnlyPlay has made a name for itself as a legal and crypto-compatible provider of “crash” and other fast games, focusing on embracing the latest industry trends and popular themes for players across three product pillars: instant winning games, casino slots, and lottery. To that end, much of OnlyPlay’s content has been enhanced by new gamification or social features that bear no parallel in this ever-evolving segment.

Exclusive content includes unlimited play, slots, crashes, and instant winning games consisting of numerous features, including Crystal Cascade, Jack Porter Deluxe, Hot & Spy, Fighter, Lucky Tank, Piggy Tap, and Limbaugh Cat, as well as creative touches that support both game mechanisms and digital and traditional calls. 바카라

These games now all form part of a progressive portfolio available to QTech Games and its customers. The integration of these progressive production lines highlighted the diverse gaming options and iGaming vertical spread of QTech Games, establishing the distributor as a “go-to” solution for operators worldwide in developing countries.

The deal naturally expands OnlyPlay’s geographic footprint, targeting emerging markets in Asia and Eastern Europe to Latin America and generating new revenue streams. As the fastest-growing distributor in Asia over the last few years, QTech’s platform offers the widest portfolio of games localized for each region, with basic mobile apps, powerful reporting and marketing tools, and 24/7 local language support.

Daniel Long, QTech Games CCO, said, “The integration of more premium content from Onlyplay is yet another strong support for our platform. Their library continues to expand to support the growth of widespread iGaming-verbal spread through some high-quality graphics, gameplay, and unique gamification and social features.

“Together, we will continue to raise standards and shape localized experiences for global players. We want to see how these games perform in a variety of untapped markets that in many cases represent new areas of Onlyplay.”

Christina Muratkina, CEO of Onlyplay, said, “QTech is a natural habitat for excellent online crashes and instant winning games. We are expanding our reach across developing countries, and market-leading platforms offer a flexible gateway to some areas that have previously been overlooked. Signing this deal clearly tracks our core strategy to take full advantage of our reach and looks forward to seeing how new viewers will accept our game.

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