Captain Son Heung-min ‘Making remarks’… ‘It doesn’t matter how well you’re playing, you have to talk about the results’

Tottenham was in crisis. Tottenham was the hottest team in the early days of this season. Until the 10th round, it had eight wins and two draws and remained unbeaten, ranking first in the EPL. It was a miracle that was created at a time when its flagship striker Harry Kane was absent.

Tottenham didn’t have a break, with Enze Postecoglou’s attractive attacking football, his “nail strategy” to the front line, and Captain Son Heung-min’s leadership. In particular, Son Heung-min erased Kane’s absence by scoring eight goals, the most in his team.

However, the team was shaken from the 11th round. Defeat was 1-4 in the match against Chelsea. Worse than the defeat, the injury sustained by key players James Maddison and Mickey Van Der Pen. In addition, Christian Romero was sent off and given disciplinary action.

Madison’s departure, which was praised as the best recruitment this season, and Tottenham’s attack power was bound to be less attractive. Then, two key center backs who kept the top spot in the league left at the same time. It is a strange situation to remain calm.

Tottenham, which collapsed due to injury, lost to Wolverhampton 1-2, a relatively weak team in the 12th round. And Tottenham lost to Aston Villa 1-2 in the 13th round as well. It is a shocking third consecutive defeat. Tottenham, which was ranked first in the league, fell to fifth place. It was pushed out of the Big Four. Voices of criticism against Tottenham began to emerge.

Captain Son Heung-min could not stand by and watch this situation. After the Aston Villa match, Son made a determined remark through “Spurs Play.” This can be interpreted as his commitment to regroup. 안전놀이터

Son Heung-min said, “We led 1-0 against Aston Villa, but our mistakes came out, the tempo of the game dropped, and we conceded a goal to our opponents. We gave Aston Villa a chance to lead the game. We conceded a goal at the end of the first half, but I think we need to be stronger.”

“Our players gave everything in difficult situations. It’s just hard to accept the result. It doesn’t matter how well we play. We definitely got the result, and we have to talk about the result,” he stressed.

“We created opportunities. The way we played was good. We also received amazing support from home fans. However, if we lose at home, it will be painful. It was hurtful to lose this game.”

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