Resorts Digital Gaming Partner with Enteractive

Enteractive, an industry leader in player reactivation and maintenance in sports betting and iGaming, has entered into a new partnership with Resorts Digital Gaming, a leading U.S. operator, to run campaigns in authorized U.S. jurisdictions such as New Jersey.

Through this partnership, Enteractive will launch an award-winning campaign for Resorts and Mohegan Sun brands in New Jersey, focusing on activating registered slush fund player accounts to reduce registration churn and revitalizing defunct players.

Resorts leverages Enteractive’s state-of-the-art (Re)Activation Cloud platform to work with Enteractive’s professional agents, while Enteractive’s professional agents work with players through one-to-one phone conversations. This tried and tested approach complements Resorts’ existing CRM activities and is a proven way to implement responsible gambling best practices while switching more deposits from the RNF. 온라인경마

Ed Andrews, CEO of Resorts, said, “Our team is very excited to work with Enteractive and their innovative player engagement strategy. This partnership will set us apart from our competitors and show our players that they value their experience with Resorts Digital Gaming. We are pleased to see the positive results of this joint effort.”

Andrew Foster, Enteractive’s chief business development officer, said, “Our main goal is to promote direct communication between iGaming companies and their players using true one-on-one interactions. We are confident that with the help of a highly skilled team of local U.S. call agents, the resort can increase their results in player conversion and reactivation.”

Enteractive native call agents support the iGaming brand across all time zones. In 2022, EnterActiv signed more than 6.5 million players, generating more than 51 million euros in revenue for global operators.

Foster concluded, “Brands looking to improve their experience and generate economic benefits at the same time will find a sustainable personalized approach from Enteractive!”

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