San Manuel Donates $125K To US Red Cross To Support Hawaii Forest Fire Recovery

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority, along with the Palms Casino Resort, have donated $125,000 to support Hawaiians working to recover from devastating wildfires. This gift to the American Red Cross is the first donation in the future that San Manuel can consider to help those affected by the Hawaiian wildfires. The donation will help Hawaiian forest fire relief efforts and provide much-needed shelter, food, supplies and other emergency resources for affected communities. 경마사이트프로

Lin Balbuena, president of the Indian missionary group San Manuel Band, and Latisha Prieto, president of San Manuel Gaming Hospitality, said the tribe is seeing the enormous impact the wildfires have left on Maui Island, as well as families calling them home. The tribe is joined by brave professional paramedics and other paramedics who are helping with the recovery, as well as those affected by the forest fire.

“Our hearts are filled with sympathy and hope for the people of Maui,” said Valbuena. “Recovery from such a tragedy experienced by the people of Hawaii takes time. The devastating destruction of Lahaina, its neighbours across the beautiful island of Maui, and the tourism industry is unbearable. We want to provide aid in the most effective way possible.”

SMGA President Latisha Prieto said, “At a critical time in our history, our tribe found solace in the compassion of those who provided resources to our community. It’s now an opportunity to extend a helping hand to the Hawaiian community struggling with the devastation of wildfires.”

SMGHA and Palms’ Red Cross support is a further extension of Palms Cares and San Manuel’s philanthropic efforts to provide aid to communities facing difficulties and recovery efforts. The Tribe has been working with the American Red Cross for more than 20 years.

Cynthia Kiser Murphey, general manager of Palms Casino Resort, said, “We have significant staff and guests deeply involved in Maui and the Hawaiian Islands, which makes the impact of the wildfires very personal.” “We have a strong sense of pride. The Palms team will work closely with SMGHA on additional programs and activities to support our team members, their families and the good people of Hawaii.”

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