Shocked! Rumors of Lee Kang-in renting Mallorca’…15th place drop Mallorca wants to return to ‘Ace’!

Recently, news came out that Atletico Madrid (ATM) in Spain’s Primera Liga (La Liga) wants to rent Lee Kang-in. ATM coach Diego Simeone said he still wants Lee Kang-in, and plans to lease Lee Kang-in in January, ahead of fierce competition for the starting lineup at PSG.

ATM is a team that has consistently wanted Lee Kang-in in the transfer market, and he added that if Lee Kang-in comes due to a lack of wingers recently, he can guarantee the starting position.

This is a transfer that includes the prospect that Lee Kang-in will be difficult to compete for the starting line at PSG. With ace Kylian Mbappe alive and well, PSG recruited many offensive resources along with Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last summer, including Marco Asensio, Usman Dembele, Bradley Barcola, Randal Kolomuani and Gonzalo Hamus.

In order for Lee Kang-in to play as a winger, fierce competition is needed. As a result, local media predicted that Lee Kang-in could play as a midfielder rather than an offensive option.

Following ATM, another team in La Liga wanted Lee Kang-in to rent. It is Mallorca, Lee Kang-in’s former team.

Lee Kang-in was an ace for Mallorca last season. He had his best performance with six goals and six assists, and Mallorca, who was a relegation candidate, finished in stable ninth place in the league. Mallorca called Lee Kang-in the ‘King of Mayorkas’.

When Lee Kang-in left, Mallorca crashed. Mallorca have only one win (five draws and three losses) this season, and the ranking has fallen to 15th place. There is a risk of relegation. Betad Muriki, Lee Kang-in’s soul partner, who ranked fourth in La Liga with 15 goals last season, was also at the center of criticism for his poor performance this season. He is currently scoring four goals.

To avoid the worst crisis, Mallorca are hoping for the ace’s return.

Spain’s “Futbol des de Mallorca” said, “Mayorca is closely monitoring Lee Kang-in’s situation at PSG. If Lee Kang-in’s situation does not change from the present, Mallorca will ask for Lee Kang-in’s lease in January, it reported.

“Currently, Lee Kang-in is rarely involved in Luis Enrique’s plan. He left PSG for the Asian Games. Although the situation may change because it is still early in the season, Lee Kang-in should compete fiercely with Mbappe, Colomuani, Dembele, Hamus and Asensio. Lee Kang-in’s only option seems to be to move to midfielder, he explained. 스포츠토토

“Moving to a midfielder is not a good prospect for Lee Kang-in. Mallorca is aware of this, and she remains vigilant,” he claimed.

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