Shocking! Man City Beckham’s house was robbed!Model Girlfriend ‘Shaking Bees’ → ‘1.6 billion won’ jewelry + watch stolen

British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “10 relatives of Manchester City winger Grealish were robbed while watching the player’s game at home.” It was revealed that the time of the crime was during the game of the 18th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League between Manchester City and Everton.

According to media, a total of 10 relatives including Sasha Attout, a famous Grealish fiancée, parents and three siblings were gathered at her Grealish home to watch the Manchester City game at the time of the incident. Then, her dogs suddenly started barking and a noise was heard from upstairs, making all the players’ families panic. She is nicknamed “Man City Beckham” because she has the look of a “handsome man” in Grealish.

The Daily Mail said, “The family members hid in fear and reported it by pressing a panic button (security button) to notify the nearby police of the emergency.” Concerned about the hostage crisis, the police immediately dispatched and ordered nearby residents to lock their doors and not leave their homes.

However, they failed to catch the culprits. Local police did everything possible to find the culprits, even mobilizing helicopters, searching the neighborhood thoroughly and trying to catch the culprits. The Daily Mail said that the culprits stole 1 million pounds (about 1.6 billion won) of jewelry and watches, signaling that the damage was huge. It also said that the victims were deeply traumatized by the interviews.

“It seems like the robbers broke in to see if Manchester City was playing,” Grealish’s family said. “This happened when all the family members gathered on the first floor to cheer for Grealish.” “No one was hurt, but everyone was very embarrassed. It scared me that I could be hurt by the robbers.” 파워볼실시간

The Grealish home is worth about 5.6 million pounds (about 9.2 billion won), which is very large in size and site. “The mansion is built on a 24-acre site, with a tennis court, a helicopter take-off and landing, and even a lake,” the Daily Mail said.

Victims testified that it was difficult to be aware of the crime. “The house was too big for anyone to hear it at first,” the Grealish family said. “We didn’t know the structure of the house because it was the first time for them to visit.” According to media, Grealish moved into the house just before Christmas. They were having a housewarming party and had a hard time.

The damage to the family seems to have been immediately transmitted to Grealish who was playing. “After the game between Manchester City and Everton, Grealish immediately ran out of the stadium,” said Jack Gergan, a sports reporter for the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Grealish played full-time in Manchester City’s 3-1 victory over Everton. According to Foot Mob, a football statistics platform, Grealish won the most contests on the field (nine times), contributing to his team’s victory by making bold breakthroughs and selecting a good location. The media outlet gave him a rating of 8.2 points.

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