“Since I’ve seen it since Daejeon, I’ve played baseball”…The first grand slam in 11 years since his debut, and the reason why he went to the legend of the “full base home run” that followed his back number

In the bottom of the fourth inning, when he was losing 1-2, he hit Doosan starter Brandon’s eighth slider to cross the left fence. It was Lee’s seventh homer of the season and his first grand slam since his debut. As Kia lost 6-8, Lee failed to become the “main character.” However, with his first grand slam in his career, he once again proved that he broke away from his “all-year-old prospect” and started winging perfectly this season. 온라인카지노

Regarding the home run situation, Lee Woo-sung said, “In my first at-bat, I was losing 0-1, but I didn’t get a good result. Before entering the second at-bat, the manager talked to me jokingly, but I felt more comfortable. “I swung confidently with the thought of striking out,” he said. “I thought it was a relief that it was a sacrifice fly the moment the ball came up, but I think the sky helped me.”

Immediately after the home run, KIA quickly recovered the ball. Lee Woo-sung, who received the ball, asked batting coach Lee Bum-ho for a commemorative phrase.

Coach Lee, who spent his active days with Hanwha and KIA, made his name as the Man of the Mannupo. He has the most record in the KBO League with 17 grand slam in his career.

Lee Woo-sung said, “As it is my first grand slam, I asked coach Lee Bum-ho to use it. Since I was in Daejeon when I was young, I watched coach (Lee) Bum-ho and played baseball. I also wanted to hit a lot of home runs, so I attached the number that coach Lee Bum-ho wore when he was active, he said. “He wrote down a commemorative phrase in Jeongseok-daero.”

This season, Lee Woo-sung is having a career high season with a batting average of 296 (79 hits in 267 at-bats) in 101 games. Lee Woo-sung said, “First of all, it’s important not to get hurt. I thought I wanted to hit 100 hits, but I became conscious. What I reflected on once again was “Let’s do it comfortably.” I felt that the answer was to go without a personal goal. He has so many thoughts. I feel comfortable when I delete the goal,” he said. “The team needs to win to be treated, and the image will be better. That’s how many fans visit us, so I think about that a lot.”

In addition, he said, “Since I have confidence, I reset day by day rather than day.” I get confidence because I get good grades, and there is nothing bad and falling. If I go out in the second half, I try to do it confidently, and if I go out as a starter, I try to do it confidently without worrying about the result. “I used to have a lot of bad thoughts, but now I’m trying to do my best in a given mission and do it with confidence,” he stressed.

His wife helped him a lot, too. Lee Woo-sung got married in early 2022 and started a family. Lee Woo-sung said, “I can’t talk about what I’m saying or counseling about my concerns.” I can talk to my wife to lower my self-esteem. “My wife is a realistic person, so I have an impact on her because she tells me the right story,” he said.

KIA is about to play 25 games with the most rain cancellations in the KBO League. It’s a time when physical fitness is important. Lee Woo-sung said, “I haven’t thought about my physical strength yet. As it is almost the second time to be in the first division like this, I am looking at my seniors and juniors and imitating them,” he said.

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