A rain-triggered suspension in the bottom of the fifth inning, 6,228 spectators entering the second leg, and most did not leave the stadium for three hours and 20 minutes

And at the end of the fifth inning. an attack by Hanwha. For now, he entered the bottom of the fifth inning without stopping the game. But the rain intensified and began to stir up Eagles Park. The pitcher is Benjamin. Moon Hyunbin is typing. After the first and second strikes, the third and fourth pitches were fouls. The fifth and sixth balls are balls. 7th ball foul. At this moment, the umpires declared a stoppage of play.
At the moment of the referee’s call, there was already a huge downpour at Eagles Park. An employee of Hanwha’s stadium management team immediately came out and laid a tarpaulin from the mound and laid a tarpaulin near the home plate. Then he ran toward the outfield and started installing a large tarpaulin. But the rain has already begun to gather in the infield. About 20 people came out and installed a large tarpaulin, but the ground was already completely wet. 먹튀검증

Fortunately, it was a shower. After about 30 minutes of rain, it began to thin again. Now the ground needs to be overhauled. However, the amount of rain that had already fallen was not easy. Eventually, it had no choice but to go into major maintenance. The stadium management team staff, security team staff, and ball boys were also deployed, and 10 people began ground maintenance. After draining the stadium, it was made into an infield that can be played normally by hardening it with rollers and spraying soil.

Eventually, the game, which was suspended at 6:33 p.m., resumed at 9:57 p.m. after three hours and 24 minutes. This is the longest suspension of games in the KBO League history. The previous record was 116 minutes (1 hour 56 minutes), which came in the match between Samsung and Binggrae in Daejeon on August 15, 1987, when the game was suspended twice. In addition, the game was also suspended for 116 minutes due to rain in the KT-Hanwha match held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on July 23 last year. At that time, KT won the 5-3 rainfall cold game in the top of the eighth inning. The longest suspension of the game this season was 1 hour and 44 minutes, which came out against LG-KT in Suwon on the 5th. There was no game that was suspended for more than two hours, but the game was suspended for more than three hours on this day.

Regarding the suspension of rain, a Hanwha official said, “The club covered the tarp in 2 minutes and 40 seconds after the referee’s signature to install the tarpaulin. After the rain stopped, the referee asked about the maintenance time after the demolition of the tarpaulin, saying, “It is expected that maintenance will take more than two hours.” In response, the judges ordered the club to “make maintenance then,” adding, “About two and a half hours after the maintenance began, the judges came out and asked how much more time they needed, and the club informed them that they needed “an additional 30 minutes to an hour,” and the judges notified them to make maintenance again.” Since then, additional maintenance has been carried out, and the game has resumed at 21:57,” he added.

The game resumed after a break of more than three hours. The risk of injury was inevitably high. Some of the fans who waited for a long time booed when the announcer said, “The game will resume in about 15 minutes.” It was a very long time that I could have been exhausted from waiting that long. Afterwards, as the game continued, a hot shout poured out at Eagles Park.

Since then, the game has progressed more quickly. KT pitcher Benjamin came down from the mound during the game with the batter. As a result, he came down the mound after finishing the game with a batter according to regulations. Benjamin handed over the mound to Son Dong-hyun. Son Dong-hyun gave up a left-handed hit to Lee Jin-young and was on the verge of losing a point by dealing with Williams, Noh Si-hwan, and Chae Eun-sung. Hanwha also deployed Lee Min-woo instead of starting Han Seung-joo in the top of the sixth inning. Lee Min-ho was on the verge of second and third bases with one out, but he took a breather by grounding Lee Ho-yeon to first base and striking out Bae Jung-dae.
With the game entering the second half in the top of the seventh inning, Hanwha put in Kim Bum-soo. The catcher was also replaced by Choi Jae-hoon. Kim Bum-soo allowed to get on base due to an error in first baseman’s catch after one out, but both Hwang Jae-kyun and Kang Baek-ho were hit. In the bottom of the seventh inning, KT started to protect Park Young-hyun, who is the most reliable in the bullpen. Park Young-hyun blocked Hanwha’s batting order in the bottom of the seventh inning with a three-way rule. In the top of the eighth inning, the changed pitcher Joo Hyun-sang handled all of KT’s Park Byung-ho, Alford, and Jang Sung-woo. And the bottom of the 8th episode. Still, Park Young-hyun was the pitcher. Roh Si-hwan grounded out to third base, Chae Eun-sung grounded out to center field, and Kim Tae-yeon grounded out to third base, respectively.

Jang Min-jae, who took the mound in the top of the ninth inning, caught KT’s lineup with “KKK.” Lee Ho-yeon was struck out with a forkball in the fifth pitch, Bae Jung-dae in the seventh pitch, and Kim Sang-soo in the 10th pitch, respectively. All of them were swinging strikeouts. In the bottom of the ninth inning, KT took Kim Jae-yoon to the mound. Kim Jae-yoon struck out pinch hitter Choi In-ho with three pitches after giving up a heavy hit to leadoff hitter Lee Do-yoon, but gave up a right-handed hit to Choi Jae-hoon and was on the verge of first and second bases. However, he struck out Moon Hyun-bin swinging on the seventh pitch and struck out Lee Jin-young to end the game. A doubleheader match that started at 2 p.m. And at the end of the game, the electronic display time was announcing 11:26 p.m.

After the game, Jang Sung-woo said, “I’m trying to take a lot of hits that help the team offensively. I’m most happy that my team hit the final to win today. When I hit an RBI that my team could win this year, I was able to turn the tables again in the second half of the game, so that was the part that bothered me the most. Still, I’m glad it helped today,” he said. Regarding his feelings at the time of the suspension of the game, he then said, “Rather than worrying that the 100th home run record will disappear when it is suspended, I was nervous because it was vaguely stopped at the end of the fifth inning in a situation where we could win. “I thought it was a record that I could set at any time later because there was only one record left for my 100th home run,” he said.

Jang Sung-woo said, “However, the game was suspended for 3 hours and 30 minutes and resumed, making it difficult for the squad. In particular, I felt that the regulation needed to be supplemented in that Benjamin, who rested for a long time, had to finish the situation again and go down according to the regulation that the starting pitcher had to finish the game with the batter. I was able to win today because the players didn’t lose their concentration for a long time,” he said.

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