Soccer’s Lee Kang-in, baseball’s Moon Dong-ju, ace’s teamwork, “Congratulations.”

The two players met by chance at the departure hall of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport on the 8th and shared friendship by taking a commemorative photo.

Dong-ju Moon, his younger brother, said, “Congratulations on winning the gold medal yesterday,” and took out his cell phone and took a picture together.

Lee Kang-in also smiled, saying, “Congratulations.” 스포츠토토

Moon Dong-joo said, “It’s my first time meeting Lee Kang-in,” adding, “I hope we continue to have good results in the future.”

After attending the Asian Games dissolution ceremony hosted by the Korea Sports Council, Moon Dong-ju arrived at the airport first with a Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) official and waited for his baseball teammates at the shuttle bus stop at the departure hall.

Meanwhile, the national soccer team appeared, and Lee Kang-in, who was among the players, found Moon Dong-ju standing alone and greeted him.

Lee Kang-in, born in 2001, and Moon Dong-ju, born in 2003, took the center stage of the national soccer and baseball teams in this tournament, drawing a joint championship on the same day.

Lee Kang-in started the final against Japan on the afternoon of the 7th and swept the midfield with flashy dribbles and sharp passes, leading to his team’s 2-1 come-from-behind victory.

Moon Dong-ju also started the final against Taiwan at the same time on the same day and led the team to a 2-0 victory by showing off his perfect performance with three hits, no outs, seven strikeouts and no runs in six innings.

This is the first time that Lee Kang-in and Moon Dong-ju won a gold medal in an adult international competition.

Lee Kang-in and Moon Dong-ju, who stand out as the ace of Korea’s two major sports, will return home together on the same flight on the 8th.

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