Tesla Resident Returns To Mandalay Bay Las Vegas This Week

Legendary rocker Tesla (TESLA) returns to the House of Blues stage at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sept. 29 (Friday) and will host five performances through Oct. 7 (Saturday). During the exclusive run, Tesla will touch every side of its unique album list, including electric songs such as “Modern Day Cowboy,” “Hang Turf,” and “Edison Medicine,” as well as acoustic-based songs such as “Signs” and “Love Song” (two Billboard’s Top 10 charts). 온라인경마

It’s no surprise that they’re still bullish. That’s how they were made. Tesla may have been born in the mid-80s, but their melancholy, soulful sound is strongly embedded in the roots of organic, authentic, and 1970s rock and roll. These are the very roots that made bands like the Allman Brothers, Grand Punk Railroads, AC/DC, Ride Skynard and Aerosmith.

They started in 1984 in Sacramento, California, and sold more than 20 million records and have been holding concerts ever since. They started as City Kid before changing the name to TESLA in honor of Nikola Tesla, the eccentric inventor who pioneered all biographical things. Their 1986 platinum debut album, Mechanical Resonance, included the top 40 hits “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Little Suzi.” The Great Radio Content, which went double platinum in 1989, included the hits “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)” and “Love Song.” Suddenly, TESLA, which had been touring with bands like Def Leopard and David Lee Roth, gained headline-grabbing status. In 1990, TESLA helped reshape the face of modern rock music by breaking up their biggest hits into Five Man Acoustic Jam, an unofficial collection of rock and roll classics by The Beatles, Stones, and other bands. The album produced their biggest hit single, covering “Signs” by the five man electric band. Tesla’s other ’90s albums include the Platinum, which sold Psychotic Supers and Bust a Nut. The band has continued to record and release material including nine new albums since 2000, and recently debuted their new single, “Time To Rock!”

In March 2023, TESLA began bringing their brand of rock ‘n’ roll to Las Vegas for their first residency to celebrate 36 years of entertaining rock audiences around the world. During the exclusive show run, TESLA will touch every aspect of their unique discography, including electric songs such as “Modern Day Cowboy,” “Hang Tough,” and “Edison’s Medicine,” as well as acoustic-based songs such as “Signs” and “Love Song.” Big fans from all over the world head to Las Vegas to watch TESLA, an American blue-collar rock band, during this special limited-time contract. And TESLA is ready to record and show fans unforgettable times.

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