The 18-year-old winger has already scored four goals! EPL is fascinated… Manchester United-Liverpool lead the race

British media “Team Talk” reported on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that “Asan Diao (18, Real Betis), led by Manchester United (Manchester United) and Liverpool, has jumped to Aston Villa and Brentford.”

Diao is considered one of Betis’ promising players. He was a former member of Betis’ youth team and successfully promoted to the first team early this season, earning full support from the club and fans.

The potential was enough to have expectations. Diao’s explosive speed, breakthrough ability, and goal-getting ability were not lacking in being evaluated as a top winger in the future.

Adapting to the first team is also going smoothly. In his La Liga debut match against Granada last month, Diao scored the first goal in the sixth minute of the second half, proving his outstanding potential.

This was not the end. In the eighth round of the league against Valencia, he scored the first goal in the 41st minute of the first half. Despite his young age, he was evaluated as calm and decisive. 온라인카지노

He has scored four goals in all competitions this season. Among them, he scored goals in La Liga, Europa League and Copa del Rey games.

The high potential has led to rumors of a transfer. According to the report, Manchester United and Liverpool recently dispatched scouts to Betis to closely monitor Diao.

It is unlikely that the transfer will take place in January next year. Diao signed a contract renewal with Betis in July. The contract period is until 2027, and Betis does not have to feel much pressure from other clubs.

However, there are variables. A buyout clause of 26 million pounds (about 41.8 billion won) is inserted into the contract between Diao and Betis. If a club that wants to pay for the buyout emerges, Betis can no longer block Diao’s transfer.

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