The Chemistry of Mother and Daughter

At the High1 Resort Women’s Open 2022, which was held at High1 Country Club in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do from the 18th, Lee Hyo-rin and Jeon Ye-sung’s mother came out as caddies. Jeon Ye-sung, who appeared in the first tee with his mother in the fourth round of the tournament, is the second of Daseo’s siblings. Usually, parents and young youngest brother often appear at the venue and always cheer for them. 바카라사이트넷

On this day, Jeon Ye-sung’s mother turned into a caddie wearing a golf bag herself. A friendly atmosphere different from other players was captured in the tea box. Before the match, Jeon Ye-sung prepared for the match after making a pleasant high-five with his mother. Jeon Ye-sung’s mother also cheered with strong applause when Jeon Ye-sung was introduced.

Jeon Ye-sung, who finished tied for sixth in the tournament, finished the game with a par on the 18th green and finished the game with a high five with a thank you to his mother wearing a golf bag. Lee Hyo-rin also wore a golf bag in the second round of the tournament. Lee Hyo-rin said in the tea box before the game, “It’s my mom. He posed, saying, “Doesn’t it look the same?”

Lee Hyo-rin was seen talking with her mother after hitting a tee shot. Unfortunately, Lee failed to make the cut. Meanwhile, in 2017, Han Jin-sun shot a 4-under 68 with five birdies and one bogey in the final fourth round. With a final total of 11-under 277, he won his first championship in 131 tournaments since his debut in 2017. Han Jin-sun said, “I’ve been disappointed that I’ve missed many chances to win, but I’m really happy to win like this. He also said, “My hometown is Sokcho, Gangwon-do, and I feel better to win in Gangwon-do.”

Yoo Hae-ran and Choi Ye-rim tied for second with 9-under 279, Kim Soo-ji tied for fourth with 8-under 280, Jung Yoon-ji tied for fifth with 7-under 281, Seo Yeon-jung and Jeon Ye-sung tied for sixth with 6-under 282, and Heo Da-bin, Choi Hye-yong and Ahn Sun-joo tied for eighth with 5-under 283.

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