The last game I fought like a true winner

The mixed martial arts (MMA) UFC featherweight (-26.65kg) bout took place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 8th.

Ahead of the third round, “Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-sung (3) began to rush towards his opponent “No. 36 featherweight ranking” Max Holloway (1, USA). 바카라사이트닷컴

They needed to defend themselves to counter the intensifying Holloway attack, but Jung closed the distance and pumped his fists harder.

The 31,1 spectators who filled the stadium chanted “zombies,” and the seemingly reckless and provocative attack caused Holloway to step back in dismay.

That was it.

A scuffle ensued for a while, and they exchanged fists, but Jung Chan-chan was hit by Holloway’s light and knocked down as it was.

After the game, Chung took off his open-fingered gloves and said in a trembling voice as he clutched the microphone.

“I want to stop.”

Fighter Jung Chan-chan has left the Octagon (an octagonal iron cage where UFC fights are held).

After losing by KO at 8 seconds of the third round against Holloway, Jung announced his retirement, saying, “I’m a person who fights to be a champion, and if I can’t beat a top ranker, it’s time for me to stop coldly.”

Jung Chan-chan enjoyed worldwide popularity for his hot games.

Before the UFC established the featherweight division in 3, Jung Chan-chan, who was nicknamed “Zombie” for his beaten and advancing manner against Leonard Garcia (23, USA) in the WEC, has established himself as a dominant force in his weight class since the UFC absorbed the WEC and established the featherweight division.

In his UFC debut in March 2010, Garcia won his opponent’s surrender with a twister for the first time since the team’s inception

and in his second fight in December of the same year, he knocked out Mark Hominik (44, Canada) in seven seconds. Daschoke’s performance against Dustin Poiri and his willingness to fight Jose Aldo in the championship fight in August 2011 with a missing shoulder are deeply ingrained in the minds of fans.

After a frustrated fight with Alexander Volkanovski in April last year

Chung vowed to make a comeback in his fight against Holloway. The Korean Zombies were confident of victory

saying that they had found a gap before the Holloway game.

Jung Chan-chan actually played the first round as planned.

Holloway swung his fist in the air at the rhythm of Chung Chan-sung

and in this gap, Jung extended a short fist to put Holloway ahead in the first round.

However, in the second round, Holloway closed the distance and stole the flow of Jung’s favor.

As if he had noticed all of Jung’s plans

Holloway pressed Chung Chan-sung.

Jung was knocked down in the second round

and was on the verge of fainting after being caught by Holloway’s doschoke, but he held on.

In fact, even if it had finished in the second round, it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

Going into the third round, Jung Chan-chan was spleen.

As if he realized that his opponent was stronger than him, Jung Chan-chan picked up the weapon he was best at instead of the guard and set himself on fire.

Chung Chan-chan, who had collapsed violently, barely sat down in a chair with the support of Holloway.

After coming to his senses, Chung said he began removing the taping from his gloves while Holloway gave his victory speech, and then decided to leave.

After announcing his retirement, Jung Chan-sung, who said, “I thought there would be tears, but they didn’t,” put down the microphone and bowed loudly to the stands, unable to lift his head for a while. His wife, Park Sun-young, who was at the scene, rushed to this kind of sentiment. Park limped and hugged the Korean Zombie as it descended from the Octagon, and the two burst into tears.

When Jung Chan-chan left, many fighters around the world saw him off for the last time.

I was lucky enough to survive a do-or-die fight,” Holloway said, “and I’m honored to be the last opponent of the zombies.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor (35, Ireland) hailed the move as “a great forward for zombies

while featherweight No. 2 Iyar Rodriguez (Mexico) said

I wish the martial arts legend a happy retirement.

Charles Oliveira also wished that “Korean Zombie is a true legend” and that “he enjoys his retirement.”

Korean fighters also regretted the senior’s retirement.

Kim Han-seul, a disciple of Jung Chan-sung, said

I admire him even more because he knows the path he walked better than anyone else,” adding, “He has always been a dream and a hope for us.”

After the event, UFC Asia President Kevin Chang expressed his regret at his retirement, saying

After going through the WEC and the UFC, Zombie has gained fans all over the world, and it was a pleasure to watch him on his journey.

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