The limitations of the growing veteran team… Falling SSG, at this rate, next year is more of a problem

Veteran players who have played in the league for a long time have only the difference in the player’s bowl and have some skills. It also maintains stable performance than young players who are still inexperienced. He also knows the experience of the game situation and how to endure the season. So they are relative ‘constant’.

There is a reason why the coaching staff prefers veterans. Because it is easy to calculate. Based on the accumulated data, it judges that it will do this much and frame the power. On the contrary, it is more like gambling to draw up a game mainly for young players who do not have much data. No team does that. However, harmony is necessary. It is not yesterday or today that the word “new and old harmony” dominates 10 clubs in every spring camp. 토토사이트

SSG is the most typical team of veterans throughout the league. In particular, veteran players account for a higher proportion of the fielders than other teams. The proportion of the mound also began to gradually increase while key players aged one by one and young players served in the military.

Last year, SSG was able to overcome several crises and achieve its first KBO-ever achievement of integrated “wire-to-wire” championship, which was the power of a veteran in retrospect. The power to win in a close situation was great. It was also a considerable number of veterans who saved team whenever it mattered. The veterans were able to take turns to cheer up and win the Korean Series. It was a victory for the hunch.

But there is also a problem with this structure. The team’s performance is difficult to stretch further. Veteran players’ skills are complete, but on the contrary, it is not easy to develop further. If they are not miraculous supermen, they are players who are waiting for the day their physical ability to deteriorate. He is not as strong as he is when he is young. Inevitably, the risk of injury increases. Once injured, it takes more time to recover. You can’t just do it when you’re young.

That’s why the front desk and coaching staff need to keep filling in the players who will be behind these veteran players. SSG’s slump in the second half of this season shows the team is not coping with it at all.

SSG recorded 44 wins, 27 losses and one draw (.620) until June, when the players had relatively much physical strength left. Basically, it was a good performance with a winning rate of more than 60%, and it was only 1.5 games different from the leading LG at the time. On the contrary, the distance from third-place NC was 6.5 games. Considering the schedule that is not yet in the middle, the difference from the third place was quite large. But after July, things began to change dramatically. Since July, SSG has recorded only 16 wins and 23 losses (.410) in 39 games. They are ranked seventh in the league during this period.

As a result, they forgot a lot of the stable winning and losing margins, and now they are suffering from chasing fourth and fifth places, not even falling to third place. Then, why did the team’s performance suddenly drop so much from July.

The eyes outside the club and the eyes inside match at one point. It is a matter of physical strength for veteran players. It was a matter of common consideration that the players were having difficulty maintaining their physical strength as the weather got hotter. The same goes for fielders and bullpen pitchers. The speed of the ball dropped, and the speed of the ball dropped sharply. It was a matter of strength in the end because the skills did not suddenly disappear.

It is not a matter of no reason that there was a half-joking inside the club, saying, “I’m waiting for the day to cool down.” However, once you have lost your physical strength, you can’t be supplemented right away just because the day has gotten a little cooler. In the end, SSG needed young players full of power to replace them behind when these players lost their power. However, it is not a trend for such players to come to the fore. He is stuck in the frame of a veteran’s team.

Even if you look at the expanded entry that took effect on September 1, veteran fielders named Kim Min-sik and Oh Tae-gon eventually came up. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung is also aware of the problems in the current team structure. Manager Kim said, “In fact, the expanded entry requires young players to come up…”I blurted out my words. At the same time, he said, “It can be said that the players who will come up have come up.” I know the problem, but it sounds like a nuance that it is difficult to change the frame.

It is not that I cannot understand the stance of coach Kim and the coaching staff. A fierce ranking battle is taking place. It is interpreted that he expects a rebound of veteran players and will play for the rest of the season in the calculation. However, no matter how you endure this year, the problem may grow next year. Looking at the number of hits taken by veteran players this year adds to the seriousness of the problem.

Last year, SSG had a total of 1,245 hits. As of last year, the number of hits by foreign batters that can be changed at any time with players over 33 years old and born before 1990 was 720, which was 57.8% of the total. How about this year. As of this year, 606 hits have been made by players over the age of 33 and foreign players born before 1991, accounting for 61.8 percent of the total (980). Despite Herredia’s high number of hits, it can be seen that the proportion of veterans has not decreased at all. And this proportion shows no sign of abating. If it’s the current lineup, it’s going to increase even more.

As seen in these figures, SSG is no longer a team capable of “sustained growth” or even “maintenance of performance.” On the contrary, they are waiting for the day they fall. The same goes for the mound. All of the key setup men are in their 30s, and only Oh Won-seok is in his 20s among the starting pitchers.

Unless a new theory is created that can deny the aging curve, a bigger ordeal will only await next year. Does SSG have the ability to catch both rabbits of grades and contrast. The sooner the contrast is, the better. This is likely to be an important factor in determining whether he will have another opportunity to challenge for the presidency or not within Kim Won-hyung’s term.

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