Tottenham eating and running shock, 100 billion star…”You’ve become fat.” Your body is swollen even when you see it at a glance

The British Daily Mail said on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “The 65 million pounds (about 110 billion won) Tottenham’s failed attempt Ndombele is sluggish in Galatasaray,” adding, “The video of Ndombele gaining weight is spreading rapidly through SNS.” 토토사이트 추천

Videos and photos released by the media show that Ndombele’s body has expanded at a glance. Ndombele gasped because he couldn’t play properly even on the ground. Retired players often get attention for their suddenly swollen weight, but it is hard to see an active player suffer from overweight controversy. It is also said that the professional spirit and self-management are far inferior.

In fact, Ndombele is having a hard time in Turkiye. While Galatasaray played 20 league games this season, Ndombele played only 11 games. Even this time, he started only four times. “Ndombele is physically struggling,” the media said. “He has gained weight and has difficulty crossing the field.” Sport FM also pointed out that Ndombele was overweight. He was not good as a soccer player.

French midfielder Ndombele transferred from Olympique Lyonnais to Tottenham Hotspur in 2019. However, he suffered from endless slumps. In addition to his insincere training and controversy over his attitude toward the game, he was criticized even more. He was called the “extraordinary example of eating and running.” Eventually, he left Tottenham and spent time on loan in his former club Lyon and Naples, Italy. However, he failed to get the passing score. He chose to transfer to Galatasaray last year, but his performance has continued to slump. Controversy over his overweight has sparked criticism once again.

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