“We communicated a lot. We got to know each other while working together,” said coach Chung Kyung-ho, who needs to read coach Yoon Jung-hwan’s thoughts directly from the bench.

As we got to know each other’s styles, we also gained trust. As we watched what the coach wanted from the sidelines, we maintained the stance that we had been doing so far, and prepared for variables that could occur in a big game. If we respond well to variables, we will have good results.”

As Gangwon can afford to secure points for now, it can avoid automatic relegation even if it ties. “On the contrary, it is dangerous when the team can tie. I do not think that our team will be tied. We formed an atmosphere of winning, and we focused on the good things we liked recently. It is a positive atmosphere,” coach Chung Kyung-ho said.

Coach Jeong Kyeong-ho predicted a long battle. After watching Suwon’s lineup, he said, “Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon took charge of the team and found stability. We are showing good results through counter attack instead of giving up the ball occupancy rate. “It looks like we are going to own the ball, but we will not be able to keep it for the entire 90 minutes,” he said. “Suwon put Kim Bo-kyung and Jung Seung-won on the replacement list. It seems that the team intends to score until the end. We will not back down either. We will not create a situation where we lower the line to endure. If we lower the line intentionally, it can lead to rather complicated situations. We have prepared by considering all situations, including when we are winning or drawing, and when we are losing,” he explained. 파워볼게임

“We are filling in the positions without coaches by creating an atmosphere in which players can perform better, rather than burdening them, and courage to overcome burden will be important,” coach Chung Kyung-ho, who is supposed to replace coaches in the final match, vowed. “That will give us confidence, and we will also order players to play well.”

Suwon World Cup Stadium is full of tension ahead of kickoff. Suwon, which boasts such a big fandom, gathered fans on the last day. If Suwon is demoted, an accident may occur, so a police company was deployed. Gangwon Province, the away team, plans to hold a considerable cheering match as the away team visits Suwon through 10 buses from the morning.

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