You won 130th place and crossed the line…Jordan is confident ahead of the Korean match → The favorite’s ‘true education’ is desperately needed

Courage is good. But don’t overdo it. Jordan beat Malaysia and showed off strong confidence in the match against Korea. Jordanian coach Hussein Amuta said the team deserved to beat Korea.

South Korea and Jordan clinched victory in the first Group E qualifying round for the Qatar Asian Cup. South Korea defeated Bahrain 3-1 on Wednesday (Korea time). Jordan blanked Malaysia 4-0. Jordan rose to No. 1 in the group by a goal difference.

According to Jordanian media outlet “Ammon News,” Amuta said, “We played as we had prepared. We won the game we wanted. We demonstrated outstanding efficiency in the scene where we saved chances and scored goals.” 토토사이트 추천

Jordan scored three goals in the first half alone. The game was decided early. Al Mardi and Al Tamari tasted two goals each. Al Mardi scored the first goal in the 12th minute of the first half. He got the upper hand. Ace Al Tamari scored an additional goal in the 18th minute. Al Mardi scored a decisive goal in the 32nd minute, 3-0. Al Tamari celebrated his great victory by scoring a goal that completely knocked down Malaysia in the 85th minute.

Amuta said, “We beat Malaysia significantly. It will give us a lot of confidence ahead of the Ging team’s showdown with Korea. It will guarantee us an ideal mental state to achieve a positive result,” adding that he meant a lot to his victory.

Altamari is a striker in the French Ligue 1 team like Lee Kang-in (PSG). He is a right wing forward using his left foot. Altamari also showed his fighting spirit against the Korean team through an official interview.

Al-Tamari said, “We played very well. Our goal is to maintain this level of play in the next two games. It is a fantastic start. We have gained three important points,” vowing to display good performances against Korea as well.

He went on to say, “This victory has planted pride in us. It has given us considerable encouragement in preparing for the match against Korea. We have prepared thoroughly and are highly motivated to challenge ourselves in the next match. Without a doubt, we will do our best.”

Amuta predicted that he would create an extraordinary event. “The match against Korea will be difficult, but we will compete. Why not? Everyone expects Korea to win, but if we focus on our efforts, there is a possibility,” he said, giving a promising outlook.

Korea has the absolute advantage of three wins, two draws and one loss out of five matches against Jordan and the A team. Including all the national teams by age, the team has 12 wins, five draws and one loss (U-23 four wins, three draws and one loss). However, it is regrettable that the A team won all three of its wins by a score of 1-0, and ended up with a draw of 0-0 in the group qualifying round for the 2004 Asian Cup. In addition, Korea received as many as four yellow cards in the first match. If warnings are accumulated, the team will be suspended from the next match.

“The match against Bahrain was tricky. We received too many yellow cards. We need to think about it. The match against Jordan will not be easy, either. I will take it one step at a time,” Korean coach Jurgen Klinsmann said, maintaining a cautious stance.

South Korea and Jordan will face off in the second round at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Altuma Stadium in Doha. It has become an important match to determine the direction of the group winners and the direct ticket to the round of 16.

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