“2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” home game against Kia at KT Wiz Park in Suwon

In a game against Lotte on the 21st of last month, Lee Ho-yeon hit a ball against Na Kyun-an and bounced off the home plate and hit his face. At that time, he only complained of pain, but the hospital examination showed that he had a broken nose.

Fans were saddened by the injury of Lee Ho-yeon, who perfectly adapted with 22 hits, one home run, 10 RBIs and 7 runs after being traded from Lotte.

Lee Ho-yeon did not undergo surgery, recovered from the rehabilitation team, and was called up to first base immediately after hitting three hits in three at-bats in the Futures League.

Lee Ho-yeon, who returned from injury, made a four-ball 142km solo home run against Kia Sanchez with one out in the top of the fifth inning when he was trailing 2-1. It breathed new energy into the KT lineup, which was perfectly sealed by Sanchez until the fifth inning. Lee Ho-yeon, who was running around the ground, also roared with her fists clenched.

He seemed to have gained more confidence in the self-congratulatory gun that returned from injury. Lee Ho-yeon, who was congratulated by coach Lee Kang-chul, high-fives, and his teammates around the ground, smiled broadly and took off his helmet and enjoyed the joy of home runs.

Lee Ho-yeon said after the game, “I moved because I didn’t have pain, but it was okay. I wanted to do it quickly. “I’m still in pain,” he said, coming up from Iksan after yesterday’s game. “I arrived at 1 a.m. and fell asleep right away,” he said. 토토

“It was my first time getting hit by a ball while playing baseball. I wondered if I would get hit again while playing baseball. “I think you can operate if you get hit again.”

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