The men’s volleyball team, led by head coach Lim Do-heon, failed to achieve its first goal

In the semifinals of the AVC Challenge Cup in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 14th, he lost to Bahrain, ranked 77th in the world, and failed to return to the Volleyball Nations League (VNL). After beating Thailand-Saudi Arabia in the group stage one after another and reaching the semifinals by default in the round of 12, he won the bronze medal in the final third place, but it is by no means a satisfactory result.

He had to win the AVC Challenge Cup to participate in the FIVB Challenger Cup in Doha, Qatar, from the 27th. He also needed to win the FIVB Challenger Cup to play in the VNL next year, but it fell through early on. 바카라사이트넷

But we cannot be frustrated. Another international competition will be held in a month. The national team will compete at the 2023 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship, which will begin on August 19 in Urmia, Iran. The Korea Volleyball Association announced the list of 14 national teams to participate in the tournament on the 18th and convened the players at Jincheon National Training Center that night. The national team will begin training on the 19th and leave for Iran after quenching for about four weeks.

The national team transfused new blood. Setter Kim Myung-kwan (Hyundai Capital), middle blocker Cho Jae-young (Korean Air), Park Joon-hyuk, libero Oh Jae-sung (Woori Card), outside heater Na Kyung-bok (KB Insurance), Jeon Kwang-in (Hyundai Capital), middle blocker Kim Kyu-min (Korean Air), and Lee Be-wook (Samsung) were selected from the existing AVC Challenge Cup national team list.

Attention is focusing on how the experiences of veterans such as Jeon Kwang-in and Kim Kyu-min will affect the national team, which originally sought a generational change. Along with Apogit Spiker (Light), Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital), and Lim Dong-hyuk, the national team has selected a number of young wing resources such as existing outside heaters Jeong Han-yong (Korean Air) and Lim Sung-jin (Korea Electric Power Corporation), and the addition of Jeon Kwang-in, who is good at both offense and defense, can be expected to create synergy. In the middle blocker Jin Yong, Kim Kyu-min can help Kim Min-jae (Korean Air), who is in the best 7 of the AVC Challenge Cup.

The men’s national team desperately needs to recover its honor. The women’s national team has also lost 12 games without a point for the second consecutive year in the VNL, while the men’s national team has not even been able to play in the VNL since 2018. This is why propaganda is more urgent at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships. In addition, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which was postponed in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), is scheduled in September. It is important to continue the momentum from the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship. The national team in Group F will face Bangladesh on August 19 and face Pakistan on August 21. You must be in the second place of the group to qualify for the quarterfinals.

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