Acquisition of the world’s richest company Real Madrid legend-turned-manager! ‘What kind of team is it?’

Shocking news has been reported. Rumors have it that Kevin De Bruyne, the captain and ace of Manchester City, the world’s best midfielder and the strongest team in the English Premier League, will be transferred.

Recently, rumors of The Bruyne’s transfer to Saudi Arabia broke out. The club that is looking for him is known as Saudi Arabia’s R-Itihad. The Bruyne is currently out of the team due to a hamstring injury. Local media said Manchester City is considering renewing The Bruyne, whose injuries are steadily recurring. Itihad is digging into this gap.

R-Itihad announced that it would soon disclose the transfer fee of The Bruyne. R-Itihad offered a transfer fee of 215 million pounds (354 billion won) when it tried to recruit Mohamed Salah from Liverpool last summer. It was the world’s No. 1 transfer fee. The previous record was 222 million euros (317.3 billion won) that Neymar set when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2017.

The Bruyne is widely expected to pay an all-time high transfer fee that exceeds this amount.

However, Al-Itihad is not the only team in Saudi Arabia that is aiming for The Bruyne. There is another team, and what is shocking is that it belongs to Saudi Arabia’s “second division.” It is Al-Kadishia. 토토사이트

Saudi Arabia’s Asharq Al-Awsat said, “Al-Kadishia is seeking to recruit The Bruyne. Al-Kadishia is currently in Saudi Arabia’s second division. Al-Kadishia is seeking to advance to the first division, and if successful, she will actively seek to recruit The Bruyne.”

According to the media, there are two backgrounds in which Al-Kadishia can target The Bruyne. It is “money” that cannot be left out first. Al-Kadishia also has “oil money” from the Middle East. But it is not usually a rich club. That’s why they are confident.

This is because the world’s richest company is behind them. Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, is said to have acquired Al-Kadisia. Aramco is a state-owned company that is 100% owned by Saudi Arabia’s royal family. It was an issue last year for surpassing Apple and topping the world’s market capitalization, and it still has the value of a world-class company.

With the money supported by Aramco, it is likely to offer a much higher transfer fee than RT Hard.

Second is Al-Cadicia’s coach. He seems to have confidence in the quality of his coach. The main character is Mitchell, a former legendary midfielder of Real Madrid. He is a legend who played for Real Madrid for 13 seasons from 1982 to 1996. He also played for the Spanish national team.

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