KT Futures Team Senior Coach Seo Yong-bin will make a comeback for the first time in seven years as LG Futures Team coach.

According to the baseball community on Monday, LG recently agreed to sign a contract with coach Seo after asking for KT’s understanding. It is rumored that LG picked Seo, who is a one-club man and has extensive leadership experience, as the best candidate for the new Futures team coach whose contract was canceled due to the termination of his contract with former coach Hwang Byung-il.

Coach Seo, who made his splendid debut in 1994 as a leading player in the championship, retired in 2006 and trained in the Chunichi Dragons in the Japanese professional baseball according to the LG club’s first “coach training program,” and has been serving as a power analyst, second-tier coach, and batting coach since 2008. He trained as an assistant batting coach at Chunichi again for one year in 2014, returned to LG in 2015 and served as the first-tier batting coach until 2017, before resigning after the end of the season.

After three years of both commentary and academic career since 2018, he was appointed as KT’s Futures Team coach at the end of 2020. While serving as coach, he earned his master’s degree in August 2021. This season, he gave way to Kim Ki-tae and spent one season as the Futures Team’s head coach. 카지노사이트 순위

Meanwhile, LG also recruited Chung Soo-sung and Choi Sang-deok. After serving as Nexen, SK, and KT for one season this season, Chung failed to renew his contract with Doosan. Choi Sang-deok served as a coach at SK Wyverns starting with Nexen’s training group in 2010.

Kim Yong-ui and Choi Seung-joon from LG will also return to coaching. After retiring in 2021, Kim worked as a scout and left LG to become a commentator for this season, while Choi retired from Hanwha in 2020 after serving as LG and SK, and worked at a baseball academy. Coach Choi Kyung-chul, who was in charge of LG’s home turf from 2013 to 2016, will also join the team for the first time in eight years after his recent breakup with Lotte. Chung Ju-hyun will debut as a leader after retirement.

They are expected to fill the gaps in the first and second divisions of Lee Jong-beom, Kim Min-ho, Cho In-sung, Lim Hoon, and Yoon Yo-seop, who broke up with LG.

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