“Are you handsome?” Introducing English Lee Jung-hoo, SF president fell in love with him again. “The most perfect player for our team, and…”

Lee Jung-hoo was the best fit for the San Francisco Giants, who are thirsty for power reinforcement. With accurate hitting, on-baseball capability, defense, and base running skills, Lee was the best player for the Giants. The 47-year-old San Francisco Giants president Farhan Zaidi acknowledged Lee’s move. He was so friendly that he asked, “Handsome?” while introducing himself in English at the joining ceremony.

Lee Jung-hoo held a joining ceremony at Oracle Park, the home ground of San Francisco, California on the 16th (Korea time). Lee Jung-hoo, who passed a physical examination the previous day (15th) and officially announced his six-year, $113 million contract, greeted fans with his first greeting on the day by wearing a San Francisco uniform and hat with his jersey number 51. 메이저 토토사이트

“We think recruiting Lee Jung-hoo is a perfect fit,” said Zaidi, who was present at the joining ceremony. “Our goal this offseason was to aggressively move the entire team more actively, make more contacts, and play trendy baseball in the league,” he said. “When considering recruiting players in the offseason, there were no players or targets that fit our needs better than Lee Jung-hoo.”

San Francisco has been observing Lee Jung-hoo for the entire season. Scouts have visited Korea several times since the opening of the Kiwoom Heroes’ spring training before the season. He was virtually out for the season after undergoing ankle surgery in July, but general manager Pete Putillo visited Gocheok Dome in October to watch Lee return to the batter’s box. “I didn’t expect this. I felt like I received a big gift. I was so thankful. I am so happy to see him come to Korea and watch my play,” Lee said.

Scott Boras, Lee’s agent who joined the ceremony, said, “The fact that I flew 30,000 miles (about 48,280 kilometers) to see a player at the batter’s box means that I have a lot of interest in San Francisco. It’s really cool.” San Francisco has confidence in Lee after observing him for a long time, and has invested more than 100 million U.S. dollars in a rookie who has never played in the Major League.

“What Lee showed at international competitions was as meaningful as what he showed at KBO league,” Zaidi said, referring to his good performance in the national team, adding, “I will play starting center field starting from the opening game of next season. I expect him to be a starting center field player.”

Lee introduced himself in English at the joining ceremony, drawing attention. Although he was not fluent in English, he kept smiling while giving sincere greetings. He introduced himself as the “grandchild of the wind,” and asked, “Handsome?” after wearing a uniform and a hat. He looked lively throughout the joining ceremony, shouting “Let’s go Giants.”

San Francisco needs to renew the team’s mood that has been stagnant due to the fall baseball fiasco for the past two consecutive years, and has also paid attention to Lee’s energy. “It’s an exciting day. Lee is a player who clearly demonstrates his personality through interpretation as well. He is a great fit in baseball as well, but we are also committed to stimulating the entire organization and creating energy. I was able to clearly feel that while watching Lee today,” he said. “The positive energy he gives will also have a positive effect on the team.”

“Hello, Giants. My name is Lee Jung-hoo. I’m a grandson of the wind from Korea.” “I’m especially grateful to the Johnson family of San Francisco, CEO Larry Bear, CEO Zaidi, and agent Scott Boras who recruited me. I’m also grateful to my mom and dad,” Lee said. “I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Major League since I was young and I’ve always liked the Bay Area (named San Francisco). I came here to win. I will do my best for my teammates and fans. Let’s go Giants.”

Asked why he chose San Francisco at a press conference, Lee said, “As a fan of MLB since I was young, San Francisco has a long history and many legendary players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is a team that has won many championships recently and has a long history, so I like the team. It is an honor to play for such a team with such a big history.” “Adapting to a new environment is a big task. You have to adapt to new pitchers, environment and ballpark. In Korea, you always travel by bus, but you travel by plane here and the time difference is different. I will prepare well so that you can adjust quickly.”

Regarding the condition of his left ankle that he underwent surgery, he said, “I can say that I have completely recovered. There are many people who helped me during my rehabilitation period. I think I need to show a good performance for next season at least for those people.” On what kind of player he is, he said, “I am still young. I don’t think my heyday has come yet. I think that coming here, I can improve my skills and performances. I will try to become a player who can always bring victories to our team. I want to say that I am a player who can do my best and pour everything into my team’s victory. (On offense and defense) I am shy to say it myself, but if I show it to you from the opening game next year, I hope the fans will evaluate it.” He vowed that he would show his performance based on his skills rather than words.

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