“Lee Jung-hoo is a center fielder who plays every day.” The president of San Francisco is also a public figure

Lee Jung-hoo’s injury did not reduce the interest of major league clubs. Whenever he played, scouts from Major League Baseball visited and watched Lee Jung-hoo with interest, especially on October 10, when Kiwoom’s final home game of the season was held, San Francisco General Manager Pete Putilla visited in person to watch Lee Jung-hoo’s at-bat. President Zaidi emphasized that he had been deeply interested in Lee Jung-hoo, saying at a press conference on Lee Jung-hoo’s joining the team, “The general manager of Putilla has been to Korea just to see Lee Jung-hoo’s at-bat.”

While playing for seven seasons in the KBO League, Lee has recorded a batting average of .340 in 884 games, a on-base percentage of .407, a slugging percentage of .491, 65 home runs, 515 RBIs, and 69 steals. He has recorded 1,181 hits in total. He won the Golden Glove in outfield for five consecutive years from 2018 to 2022, and surpassed 3,000 hits in total early on to become the No. 1 hitter in overall batting average, beating over former Samsung manager Jang Hyo-jo. Jang’s overall batting average was .331.

Already, Lee Jung-hoo is evaluated as a player who can perform well on the international stage. In March, he played in only the first round of the World Baseball Classic, earning a batting average of .429 and five RBIs, showing his strong performance on the international stage.

Lee will play the starting center fielder at the San Francisco Giants. “Lee Jung-hoo is a center fielder who plays every day,” Zaidi said on the day. Earlier, CBS Sports, a U.S. sports media outlet, predicted that Lee will play as the first hitter, saying, “Considering Lee’s contact and ability to get on base, he has the capability of a typical first hitter.” The San Francisco lineup for the 2024 season, which CBS Sports predicted, will be followed by Lee Jung-hoo (center fielder), Tyro Estrada (second baseman), Ramonte Wade Jr. (first baseman), Wilmer Flores (designated hitter), Mike Yastzemski or Mitch Hanniger (right fielder), J.D. Davis (third baseman), Michael Confoto or Austin Slater (left fielder), Patrick Bailey (catcher), and Marco Luciano (striker). 카지노사이트 순위

“He wore a mixture of orange and black for the first time at the press conference,” the official Major League website said. “Zaidi said he expects Lee to become a center fielder every day.” Orange and black are the traditional colors representing San Francisco’s team.

“MLB.com ” then said, “Lee arrived in San Francisco after seven spectacular years in the KBO League as a 25-year-old player. He has won five Golden Gloves and his overall batting average of .340 is the highest among league players who have played at least 3,000 at-bats.”

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